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Bill Brown Park Getting Pumped With $2.6 Million For New Bathroom

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The Bill Brown Park’s bathroom can be seen in this screen shot from Google maps.

The Parks Department will be spending $2.6 million to fix the bathroom in Bill Brown Playground in Sheepshead Bay. The money is just for the bathroom – not the whole park – which raises the question of whether or not that’s too much money for one bathroom.

While Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding areas can sometimes have their domestic eccentricities, many residents are questioning the need for a seemingly large amount of money, according to a Daily News article.

Parkgoers were relieved to hear about the restoration, though a few held their nose when told how much it costs.

“The place is a wreck, but that’s a lot of money,” said Serena Schallenberg, 33, as she watched her two kids frolic in the park on Thursday.

But at the same time, the Daily News describes a bathroom that is severely deteriorating”

The red brick, beach-style comfort station, which includes a basement, is falling apart.

Many of the windows and lights are shattered, the roof leaks and the sewer line backs up.

It generally costs about $1 million to repair or install a new park bathroom, park insiders said.

Still, parks officials downplayed what some suggest will be the most expensive public bathroom in Brooklyn.

“There is no standard repair cost,” said Parks spokeswoman Meghan Lalor. “Everything depends on what the scope of repair is.”

But a question that wasn’t addressed why hadn’t repairs been made earlier, when the price of fixing it would’ve been cheaper to do?

This isn’t the first time a recreational space with the namesake of World War I veteran Bill Brown has been the site of an overhaul. We reported in January that the Square near Sheepshead Bay Road had lost all its green grass. Sheepshead Bites contacted the Parks Department at the time for comment.

According to a Parks Department employee, the greenstreet was flooded during Superstorm Sandy, killing the spruce tree and several shrubs at the site. The agency told Sheepshead Bites that they plan to replant the area in the spring, using salt tolerant shrubs.

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  1. Maybe they should just re-use the bathrooms that were supposed to be installed by Oceana, and save a few bucks 😉

  2. Bill Brown Park, while nice, is essentially a neighborhood, small satellite Park, that never had many amenities! Go over to Dyker Beach Park, which in theory is a major Park, with Baseball (soccer) Fields, handball courts too, a Golf Course ( which gets some funding from the CPF), two bathrooms (which are constantly in a state of disrepair), and nine tennis courts ( which have become a mess!), and a Park House, something like Brown’s! Maybe the politico who got the funding, could go over and help the folks at Dyker! This is all politics! And the new Parks Commissoner for Brooklyn, Jeffries, is just a political hack, like Spiegel, who held the position, like forever! Our southern Brooklyn’s parks continue to suffer, and unfortunately will do so, barring a resurrection of Moses! Shameful!!!

  3. Who’s the contractor who will be doing the renovations? To whom are they connected politically and to whose campaign did they contrtbute to get this sweetheart deal? I’m asking rhetorically. Excuse my cynicism.

  4. This IS WAY TOO MUCH taxpayer money. We have people that need money to eat and live. Who on earth except the mega rich spends that much renovating a bathroom. This is a joke.

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