The 5 Best Places For Hot Chocolate In Park Slope


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Now that you’ve shoveled your sidewalk, bought a sled, and took a ride down a hill in Prospect Park, there’s one more important item on any first-rate snow day checklist: hot chocolate! Here are some of our favorite places to grab a rich, warm mug of chocolatey goodness:

The Chocolate Room, 86 5th Avenue: Though this is one rich cup of hot chocolate, unlike some others, it’s not so heavy that you take a couple sips and need a break — it’s drinkable to the last drop. This might be your last snowstorm to try a cup in this location, though, as they’ll be closing this space on January 24 to make their move down the block.

Cocoa Bar, 228 7th Avenue: If you’re coming from the 3rd Street entrance of Prospect Park after sledding, this is a good place to warm up — there’s spacious seating in the back, and they have a hot chocolate for any taste, from dark chocolate to “funky monkey” banana, though we’re partial to the spicy version.

Colson Patisserie, 374 9th Street: A more grown-up hot chocolate, this one is not particularly sweet, but we’ve found it’s the perfect one to use for dunking one of their fluffy, sweet brioche rolls.

Trois Pommes, 260 5th Avenue: If you’re out building a snowman at JJ Byrne Playground, this is a good bet nearby for a pretty tasty hot chocolate — and, since you’re there, you may as well try one of their cronut knockoffs.

Winter Warmers, 808 Union Street: The new kid on the block, they’re really bringing out the big guns in their first season as a pop-up shop. They’ve got a few varieties (we like the peppermint), plus hot apple cider and some pretty decadent s’mores. Great spot for children — they’ve got a kid-sized table, a chalkboard to draw on, and wet naps in bulk.

Are there any other spots you love in the neighborhood for hot chocolate?

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