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Thanks For Making A Taste Of Sheepshead Bay An Awesome Night!



Wow! I’m beat!

Last night was terrific, and I just wanted to pop in and say thank you again to all who attended, as well as to all the fantastic restaurants who participated in the Coney Island Hospital’s A Taste of Sheepshead Bay. It was a third year of a packed house, and it’s so powerful to see the community come together for this event.

A big thanks to the elected officials who stopped by, and, of course, to the sponsors who made it all possible – Coney Island Hospital and il Fornetto. A thank you as well to the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus for hosting us.

We have to give a little shout out to T & D Bakery, which surprised us with the beautiful Sheepshead Bites cake featured above. It’s got our logo and the names of just about every participant on it – and it was tasty!

We’ll have a full report about the event on Monday, complete with photo gallery of all the delicious, delicious food.

For now, it’s time to get some rest!

It was another packed house tonight. Everyone had a great time!
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  1. What a fantastic night, Ned! Can’t wait for the next time! Lot’s of first timers asked me to let them know when the next one is!

  2. Really good night. Very tasty food, hundreds of people, unique feeling of the community. Everybody looked happy. Thank you!

  3. Sheepshead Bay area people are the nicest. You can see it in the way folks in the area have helped each other during this unusually cold and a bit snowy winter. Agreed that there is a unique feeling in the community and most of it is positive, which was emblematic in this culinary get together! I’m so glad I live in a community with such fine and neighborly people!!!

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