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Crackdown: NYPD Begins Busting Drivers For Texting, Failure To Yield

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The New York Police Department kicked off a citywide crackdown on inattentive drivers today, and will be doling out tickets to drivers talking on cellphones, texting and failing to yield to pedestrians. reports:

The first day of the initiative begins [at 12:01 a.m.], Tuesday, and concludes after 24-hours.

Drivers can expect to see the same type of police presence on Friday, as the NYPD again launches its crackdown for another 24-hour period.

The intense NYPD ticketing measures comes on the heels of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to crack down on pedestrian deaths, known as “Vision Zero.”

NBC New York notes that extra patrols dedicated to busting such drivers are being dispatched across the city.

Why do they announce such things? We don’t know. In fact, nevermind this report. If you’re someone who texts and drives, keep on keepin’ on today and Friday, ’cause you deserve that ticket.

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  1. That’s the problem. They do these one day or one week crackdowns, then they forget about it instead of continuing to enforce until there is another tragedy. Then they start again.

  2. You wanna bust people for texting or talking while driving. Fine. But there are plenty of NYPD officers who can be spotted daily texting, yapping on cell phones and driving. Will they be summoned? Probably not. Want people to listen, practice what you preach.

    What exactly is the definition of yielding to pedestrians? Will this also pertain to cyclist who have no regard for people crossing the street? Do pedestrians understand this does not grant free rein of giving up on common sense and crossing in the middle of the street

    Don’t get me wrong, the less inattentive clowns on the road whether in a car, on a bike or walking, the better. But, lets really call this what it is though, revenue for the new budget and backlash for being caught by channel 2 for going through stop signs and speeding.

  3. If the pedestrian is on the sidewalk or just left it and the street is wide enough that you can clear the intersection before he even gets near your car, you are not blocking his right if way. But I doubt if the police will interpret it that way. If they are assigned to give tickets for that purpose, they will just try to issue as many as they possibly can.

    That is the problem with the way summonses are issued. Revenue is always the objective not solving the problem. The police are just as or more likely to give tickets for double parking when traffic is not at all impacted as when it severely limits traffic flow and causes major congestion.

  4. More likely that they will have decoys jumping into the street at every corner to come up with phony tickets. The City does nothing but trap innocent people.

    The NYPD continues to earn more ridicule and scorn as they are nothing more than Heavily Armed Hall Monitors. Hall Monitors never fared well after school and the time is coming when School is Out Forever. Keep abusing people, keep making citizens angrier by robbing them and terrorizing them.

  5. Who’s gonna bust the cops who continue to break the laws that they are supposed to enforce? Give me a break.

  6. Nobody because damn people are to na├»ve or scared of them…Pigs will stay above the law and get good perks with a job everything from parking anywhere as they please in their private cars to collecting great pensions, 401k retirement plan, health benefits and still stull abuse their privileges that came with job when they get to quit or take early retirement when they do commit some serious crime….while you and I will get to spend time in prison and get financially broken. Deal with it and move on people

  7. Vision zero. What a load of crap. This is nothing but an attempt by the city to generate money. They could care less about the safety of drivers or pedestrians.

    On another note, I love the idiots (My Brooklyn) who constantly come on here looking for any excuse to bash the cops. Pretty sad that your life revolves around posting anti-cop messages every 5 minutes on a local blog. Pathetic.

  8. I can think of no better way to raise money than off dangerous drivers. Talk about a win-win situation! Balance the budget and deter violent crime, go for it!

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