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Teens Trash ‘Divisive’ Pro-Trump Sign In Dyker Beach Park

Photo by Mario J. Caggiano/ Facebook
Photo by Mario J. Caggiano/ Facebook

A pair of politically conscious teens tore down a “Make America Great Again” sign from a fence in Dyker Beach Park on July 11, saying the paraphernalia associated with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was antagonistic to Hispanic youth who often play soccer in the adjacent field.

During the incident, which was first recounted to Brooklyn Daily by neighbor and onlooker Mario Caggiano, the boys scaled the baseball diamond backstop on which the signage was displayed, ripped the banner down, and stomped on it.

The Republican candidate has been widely criticized for his hateful rhetoric towards Latinos, including the suggestion that Mexicans coming over the border are rapists, and declaring his plan to “build a wall” between the United States and Mexico. The boys appeared to be of Arab descent, according to Caggiano —  Muslims and ethnic groups associated with the religion have also been targeted by Trump’s divisive remarks — however, they claimed to be defending the Mexican soccer players who often play there.

Caggiano, a school administrator and Hillary Clinton supporter, told Brooklyn Daily he was proud of the kids’ actions.

“It was inspiring to see children doing that — taking a stance — because they felt that Trump was very divisive,” he told the outlet. “I felt pride in these children doing this. I don’t want our neighborhood to be cast in that light — that we’re close-minded. I don’t want any of that divisivene­ss.”

However, local Trump supporters we spoke to said they were not swayed by the gesture, and objected to the suggestion that the pro-Trump sign was offensive.

“It’s not racist at all. That’s just something liberals use to attack conservatives,” said Angelo Bonsignor, one of Dyker Heights’ most outspoken Trump supporters who frequently finds himself at anti-Trump rallies unofficially repping the candidate. “I know people who are for Trump who are Hispanic and black. I meet them all the time. The facts are he’s not racist.”

A New York City Parks representative said posting signs in public green spaces without a permit is forbidden, and that the Trump sign was not approved by the city agency.

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  1. “A New York City Parks representative said posting signs without a permit
    forbidden, and that the Trump sign was not approved by the city agency.”

    Trump supporters have little regard to the law of the land, so I’m not surprised they put one up in a place it didn’t belong. Bravo to these young men who removed it.

  2. Yet another article written by Rachel Silberstein with an anti-Trump message.
    Why have there been no anti-Hillary articles published on this site?

  3. Signage of this kind, whatever the political persuasion has no place in the public park. The sign did not belong there, it would eventually have been removed by parks staff.

  4. whatever the technicalities of placement, these actors will really feel the brunt of their drama if HRC gets in and sells the whole nation down the river Styx.

  5. “Politically conscious”? How about vandals who stomped on and destroyed a banner they didn’t agree with in a blow to free speech? You wouldn’t report it that way because then you wouldn’t have a reason to print more Trump bashing. This was not praiseworthy!

  6. Don Duc T-Rump is a narcissistic, ego-maniac, pathological liar, super king of the bullshitters .A phony billionaire who will not show his tax returns because he probably paid no taxes at all. Born to a racist father, who must insult anyone who dares to criticize him. He cannot do any of the things he claims, No jobs back, how much must the American workers lower their wages to compete with foreign workers? He says wages are too high! How will he get our do nothing House or Senate to pay for this wall ? Mexico will not pay.& he cannot deport millions of illegals without destroying the whole economy in the west & on all the farms. And besides a party so fractured cannot win .

  7. Mexico will pay for the wall or it will become illegal to wire money to Mexico without legal ID and legitimate SS#(which will be cross referenced for validity and matching the right person.)

    That would stop the flow of billions of dollars sent by illegals back to their families each and every year.

    So sure, if Mexico and their government want to deal with their people starving, dying, etc etc etc. Then don’t pay for the wall. See how it works out in your country when there is no American money flowing in.

    Or, if you want to keep Life as you know it and the cash flowing at Western Union, the Mexican government will pay.

    Understand how blackmail works now?

  8. This story is not anti-Trump at all. The action taken in it was. This merely reports on it. If there is any anti-Hillary actions in the community, I’m sure it will be reported just as objectively.

  9. No, we don’t, but that’s because we’re Americans who respect the Constution and the law, concepts your are unable to fathom. But good luck getting your dictator elected.

  10. Good for these teenagers, they make us proud but I want them to be careful that they don’t get injured doing something like this. Yesterday while driving to Stop & Shop on Avenue Y, I was cut off and given the finger by a man in a black SUV. When he got in front of me, I saw that he had a Pro Trump bumper sticker so I only need to guess that he didn’t like my anti Trump/pro Hillary bumper stickers

  11. good for those kids, Muslim to Mexican, Trump has offended them both. Besides you can not put political signs on public property. Politics 101.

  12. These pro fascist T=rump supporters don’t know history, America First? that was the name of the pro Nazi isolationists in the 1930’s, who tried there best to keep us out of helping Great Britain’s fight against the German war machine. And His Law & Order comes from tricky dicky Nixon’s rant against the anti war protesters in the 1968 election.. Not only has t-rump insulting women, Mexicans,& Hispanics but Jews too with posting that 6 pointed red star that a KKK group put on his tweet, & 6 pointed red star was worn on the Jews in the death camps, to show that these prisoners were communists, like the yellow star was for Jews, who were just made into slaves & gassed, while pink stars were worn by gay Jews who also went to the gas chambers. His father was a supporter of the KKk a German racist who wouldn’t allow any Black people in his Beach Haven complex on Ave Z, Woody Guthrie wrote a song about his father. So all you simple minds who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. A party so divided will never win an election, And New York state is a very Democratic state. If you want to live under a Republican controlled state go to Alabama or Mississippi , South or North Carolina, Kansa, Utah, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Or The Dakotas, were women have no reproduction rights, & Gay people have no protections & people are stuck in the 19th century. T-rump supporters go directly to your local sewer.& insult each other.

  13. Yes lets start a trade war with Mexico, & China and watch our economy collapse, Dumb & Dumber you people are with you heads in the sand. Are you going to pick fruit & vegetables at low wages? Are you going to work in a hot kitchen, So be careful what you wish for all you simpletons. And if you think the Republican party cares about you, how many millions of dollars do you have ? none ? then why are you their slave? Since 1935 they have never passed a bill to help the middle class, the workers, the women, consumers, the environment , Or given any of all the benefits that the American people have like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, labor unions, unemployment Insurance, pensions, collective bargaining, abortion rights, gay rights, medical marijuana, voting rights, civil rights, all these things came from the Democrats & if you don’t think so , check your history books, if you can read.

  14. Give me a break. First off, deporting 4 of the 11 million illegal people is at best what would happen. Secondly, those jobs you speak of would be available to those who legally come here. Be it with a quota system, for work that is currently needed. The way it used to be. Kitchen jobs can go back to high schoolers as their first way to earn a few bucks and then quit to go to school. Turning the job over to the next wave of kids.

    And please don’t comment on others financials. Worry about yourself. You don’t know what others have. No one is anyone’s slave, in fact some of us are looking out for our own financial benefit. Something a democrat would destroy.

    Our views on how and what the government should be doing are so different. And I know very well who gave what away.. I personally don’t want a single thing you mentioned nor any other government program of assistance. Which is why I would not vote for a democrat.

  15. Let’s not forget all the broken promises that Republicans make to our veterans. Every time, they talk about protecting the American’s who protect our liberties, and they promise to expand benefits, and then vote down the legislation that would do so.

    Just for the record, from his other posts here, King Mills is apparently obscenely wealthy. He thrives on Rolexes and Mercedes; Kobe and Waygu. Why he stays in Brooklyn and doesn’t move to a right-wing enclave in Jersey is beyond me.

    Oh, and he has no compassion whatsoever for the poor or working class. You’d be better off debating against Trump’s wall than trying to convince him that anyone other than himself matters.

  16. Check your history. There have been three major walls erected between nations for purposes of keeping others out. Of those, two failed. Hadrian’s Wall (and it’s partner the Antonine Wall) swung back and forth between successful and failure, until ultimate collapse, allowing in the people it was keeping out. The Berlin Wall fell in a very short time, also allowing in the people it was keeping out. Only the Great Wall of China was successful at keeping out invaders and allowing the nation that built it to expand beyond it (and that only in a time of low-tech – no planes, trains, automobiles, major explosives, etc.) Trump’s Wall, if it ever got built, would end as so many of his ventures have – in collapse.

  17. And how will creep like dummy t-rump get his programs though our Congress? Do think that a Senate or the House will go along with the destruction of our economy, while the Republican Chambers of Commerce & the Republican big businesses want cheap labor. Keep believing in all these asses, who kick this immigration problem like a wet football. And if think those Waspy rich Republicans care about you . you dreaming, they have never done anything to help our Middle class. but they will help the National Rifle Association, & the anti-abortionists. Abortion is legal if you don’t like it then don’t have one , but you have no right to tell any women what she must do, you are not god. And dummy T-rump wants to put women & doctors in jail. He & The Republican party will do nothing to stop the slaughter of our children, the police & innocent victims. Since the murder of John Lennon in 1980, over 1, 200,000 Americans have been shot., and the only way we will get any more gun control laws is when some nut kills the children or the Representatives in our do nothing House. And If you think you are not at risk, those who were shot didn’t expect it either..And why won’t this great patriot Dummy T-rump show his tax returns like every other candidate has for last 40 years because this rich parasite paid no taxes, so kiss his rich ass you fools.& support this ego maniac.

  18. Go fuck yourself you cheap motherfucker, you don’t need those benefits well most of us do Go hide your money, Most of these benefits are paid out of our pay, Maybe your a nationalist like dummy T-rump, just like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, So join Putin ,& that lovely dictator in North Korea who endorsed this fascist prick, Lets deport all these hard workers & go tare them out of their homes in the middle of the night like the Nazis did, Your living in dream world Go into your tower Mr. Midas & keep counting your money. Make sure no one is in the counting house with you .HA Ha Ha. It doesn’t matter if you not a Democrat, this state will always be Democratic because most New Yorkers have a heart , it seems you do not.

  19. “…politically conscious teens…” Oh Rachel, you are so biased. Try objective journalism for a change.

  20. Great Caesar’s Ghost, Perry. “…politically conscious teens…” is a demonstrably true, objective statement, since the teens apparently explained their motives to the witness. Maybe you should let Jimmy Olson run the Daily Planet.

  21. You mean she’s not brainwashed by Fox Right Wing “News”, Perry are for real or are you just a fantasy like that PerryMason .?

  22. Maybe they didn’t need a translator, Mr. Dimwit, go into the gutter with that Germen herr T-rump, you can insult each other. America is a nation of many nations, the only ones that were here first were the natives { “American Indians”].. And you know what our country did to them.

  23. When something happens outside a Mosque you call it a hate crime. These animals tore off a sign today and tomorrow they may be planning some terrorist attack. Look at what happened in Nice, France? I work as a Bonsai Master in Florida, in NYC every goddamn illegal Mexican and Muslim would get that job over me. Shame on you NYC. This is why I left Brooklyn with my wife, who works as an accountant and earns more than I do. I ask you this, do these illegal Mexicans or Muslims empower women like our Judeo-Christian society does? No, they sure don’t, instead the Muslims practice Sharia law right here in Brooklyn. Most of them have many wives and over 10 kids, who sit on welfare and go to our public schools. I thought that polygamy was wrong and that liberals should be pro women. Shame on you Mayor bozo, you Sharia loving slime-ball.

  24. These bigots elect Trump today and tomorrow they may be executing Negros, Enemigos, Chinks, Faggots for the crimes of not being White…

  25. That sigh was illegal what the fuck don’t you get, are you so dumb & jaded ?Ask the Chamber of Commerce’ who want cheap labors & big corporations . And how many Moslems have more then 1 wife, & What do Mexicans do to their women, they are Christians, You are just a racist, & Maybe they are more qualified then you . you sound like a asshole bitter fuckin’ Russian bigot, You all think you know everything, but really know nothing, go back to you wonderful country. Sharia law my ass we have civil law, no Jewish law, No Cristian law no Moslem law,. You are a typical racist who makes up stories. I know many Moslems, who love this country, who do not practice Sharia law, He is a message to all you fools who don’t think our America is still a great country GO Fuck Yourselves, & get out of here we will be much better without you no nothings .Polygamy, 10 kids, liberals ?, If it wasn’t for liberals there would be no middle class, no women’s rights, no S/Security, no Medicare , no gun control laws, no abortion rights, no gay rights, no medical pot, no Medicaid, no labor unions, no collective bargaining, no pensions, no civil rights, no voting rights, no food stamps, no wage increases, no health care, no 40 hour work week, no consumer laws, no environmental laws, Shame on you , Our mayor goes to all openings, you only see what you want to see, just like al those fart brain conservatives who what to go back to the 19th century., &, start more wars.

  26. In Sheepshead Bay, where I live, a new mosque opened that is run by MAS, a known terrorist organization. Not by any coincidence, the mosque opened on Thursday to coincide with the terror attack in Nice, France. Our city supports these terrorists, shame on them.

  27. What about the White genocide that they have created worldwide. The Clinton’s and Obama openly cheer the coming of a minority/majority nation.

  28. White genocide?, what in the world are you talking about, the white population is just a part of the whole world, The war that that retard George bush started in2003 looking for weapons of mass destruction, that were not there. Not knowing that Iraq & Iran fought a ten year war in the 1980’s. Not knowing that Iraq would split into three countries, Letting the Sunni rulers be chased out of all army & any governing position and forming Isis,, Allowing Iran & Iraq to become allies. No one cheers about the population changes in our country, this has been coming for decades. While Russia keeps killing more Ukrainians, supporting that dictator in Syria, threaten all there neighbors. White Genocide? where ? I’d worry more about North Korea, China , Iran & Russia then about a non issue, by paranoid Leonid.

  29. Technically, without liberals, there would be no Declaration of Independence, no Constitution and no Unuted States of America. It was a liberal idea to throw out the British monarchy. The “conservatives” who wanted to keep things the way they are were called Tories, and looked on as traitors to the new nation.

  30. Every year the Caucasian population declines by a half percent, this is a definition of genocide. You know why because in this goddamn country of ours my wife outearns me. This does not make Leonid Benfeld happy camper. No kids coming out of my little scumbag.

  31. Big fuckin’ deal that your wife outearns you, where in this great country does it say that you an uptite Russian pig like you has to make more then your wife? If you don’t like it here go back to your anti freedom, anti Semitic, anti intellectual country. I’d would be very happy if my wife made more money then me. You are so fucked up you don’t know anything, Just like the rest of you dumb motherfuckin’ Russians. Tell us about you great history of democracy, your tolerance, your dictators, And this population crisis is because of our President?. Dumb & Dumber Leonid you are a scumbag. And to tell you the truth I don’t give a fuck if crazy Leonid is happy or not. I’m very happy , I’m free, healthy, I’m in love, & have all I That need. So sour grapes to you. Your the kind of person who likes to make everyone around you uncomfortable. I’m so glad I never met you.

  32. Amazing that these are the same people that leave the park dirty every weekend. They are ruining our neighborhood park.

  33. “Trump supporters have little regard to the law of the land”.

    HAHAHAHAHA. I forgot HilLIARy and Obama uphold the Constitution to a T.

  34. I don’t always agree with the way American Everyman expresses himself, but he’s right, Leonid. If your wife outearns you, either be proud of her and embrace it, or get your *stuff* together and find yourself a better job. Step up.

  35. It’s almost impossible to uphold the Constitution to a T, since it’s been so badly interpreted over the years. But, neither Clinton nor Obama is running on a platform that is blatantly anti-Constitution, the way Trump is.

  36. I never said Trump supporters were criminals. I said they have little regard for the law. You can’t support someone whose platform is built on concepts that are blatantly non-Constitutional, and who says he intends to act unilaterally as President, and still claim to have regard for the law.

  37. Or, you know, it may have opened on Thursday because Friday is the Muslim holy day of the week, and they wanted to be ready for that. If this organization is connected to a terrorist organization, then the NSA should look into it.

  38. You actually know these boys, and have seen them littering in the park? Or are you just making broad, unfounded, potentially racist statements?

  39. And what laws have Obama & Ms. Clinton violated our Constitution, ?Come on tell me all you dim bulbs who support a tax cheat, & psychotic lunatic who insults everyone who has the nerve to criticize Mr. bullshit the self promoting son born to a KKK father. Yes lets elect a reality show baffoon .who has no experience, buthas 4 bankruptcies , 3 marriages, girlfriends, failed casinos, & a sewer mouth, very presidential, for all you neo fascists, neo Nazis, no nothings & dumb Russians.No wonder that KBB prick in Moscow, Putin, & that North Korean pimple head have endorsed this piece of shit. Kiss the asses of the super rich you fools, the money doesn’t rub off. No giant wall, No jobs coming back, no mass deportations, just more of his right wing agenda crap for all you simple minds. who no nothing about the history of this country. Ignorance is not a virtue. It’s too bad that these anti-abortion candidates were not aborted when their mothers were carrying them. Abortion is legal & if you don’t want one then don’t have one, but you are not God & you have no right to tell anyone what to do with their bodies. How would you like to have someone tell you when to have a child like the Nazi’s did, or not have a child. MYOB. And tell when in the last 81 years has the do nothing Republican party ever done anything for the workers, the middle class, the women , the sick, the hungry, the poor, the consumers, the environment , gun control , civil rights, voting rights, unions, gay rights, or anyone except the super rich & the National Rifle Association, a group that doesn’t care that over 33.000 Americans die every year from gun violence, & if you think your not at risk, well neither did these 33,000 people. So be careful what you wish for dummy’s, We are not a dictatorship yet.

  40. I don’t know them personally but I have seen it every weekend and report it to the police and Marty Goldin’s office. Why am I racist? Was it because I said ruining our neighborhood? Why cant people clean up after themselves?

  41. Everything you just replied to me with has a multitude of grammatical and spelling errors, as well as blatant racial slurs. Typical liberal education. Of course as a race-baiter, you would believe every Republican is a neo-Nazi gun-loving hick from the south.

  42. I’m sorry, Denise, but I’m confused. You said “these are the same people”. Which “these” did you mean? I took it to mean the boys written about in the story. Did you mean the Hispanic soccer players and their families who are only referenced in the post?

    The term “these people” is usually code for racist comments, and, as we have seen, there are plenty of racists posting on this site. I’m particularly sensitive to that term when used here.

    Personally, I’m with you about the trash problem. My son’s baseball team plays on those fields, and they are often a mess. I do wish there was a way for the City to police the weekend events more thoroughly.

  43. So what did you mean by Trump supporters have little regard to the law of the land?

    Isn’t the law of the land a general phrase meaning all laws enforced in a country or region – which includes common law – are upheld when a man or woman stands trial in front of a jury of their peers?

    Isn’t what you said essentially calling all Trump supporters criminals?

  44. No, not what I said at all. Having respect for the law of the land means just that, you respect the law. You can’t say you respect the law when you support a candidate who consistently proposes actions that he will take if elected that would be inconsistent with the law. Trumps positions on immigration, in particular, go against the law, and his positions on the Muslim religion go against the Constitution. You may very well have never committed a criminal act, but if you support him, you don’t respect the law.

  45. “You may very well have never committed a criminal act, but if you support him, you don’t respect the law.”

    That’s like saying “You may very well have never used a private email server, but if you support her, you don’t know how to use gmail.”

    It’s a very generalized and unfounded statement.

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