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UPDATE: Two Teens Arrested In Brutal Attack On Woman In Her Midwood Apartment Building: NYPD


Updated Friday, August 1: Police announced last night they have arrested both individuals they charge are behind the brutal attack of an 18-year-old woman in her Midwood apartment building Sunday night.

Malique Young, 18, of East Flatbush, was arrested and charged with robbery last night, and Tyler Hoppin, 18, of Canarsie, was arrested and charged with robbery, assault, and criminal possession of stolen property Wednesday, the NYPD said.

Tyler Hoppin

The arrests follow an aggressive police search that included requests for help from the public and Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s offer of $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of two individuals wanted in the crime that was caught on surveillance tape.

According to police, the two suspects followed the victim into her apartment building near Avenue M and East 18th Street around 9:40pm Sunday. The suspects were shown on the surveillance tape pulling the woman from the elevator, after which police said they allegedly punched and kicked her and stole her purse.

Tyler Hoppin

We tracked down Hoppin’s instagram photos, which feature many a selfie and photos of food.

Tyler Hoppin

In a statement to the press, Deutsch praised the NYPD – and specifically Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio and the 70th Precinct:

I commend Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio and the NYPD’s 70th precinct for their dedication and commitment in the apprehension of the second suspect in the July 27th assault in Midwood. The timely arrest of the two culprits in this vicious crime is also due in part to the existence of clear, quality surveillance footage that was obtained of the attack. Security cameras are becoming increasingly significant in the policing and safety of our neighborhoods, as is demonstrated again in this most recent crime. I will be reaching out to Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson to share my concerns and I am confident that he will prosecute the two perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

Video via the NYPD. Photos via Instagram.

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  1. GOOD. What scumbags.
    And this is why I am such of fan of surveillance videos. I was so happy when they put on in our building.
    All those liberals boohooing about “invasion of privacy” can shut up. My theory is “if you’re not doing anything bad, you have nothing to worry about”.

  2. “if you’re not doing anything bad, you have nothing to worry about”. Spoken like a true brownshirt. You are a needed voice on this blog, and I appreciate your presence, i mean that, but you are also a cold-hearted human.

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