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Teen Killed, One Arrested In Marine Park Car Accident

The driver lost control of the Honda Odyssey, striking a parked car, a tree and a house.

A 13-year-old girl was killed when the speeding car she was traveling in slammed into a Marine Park house on Sunday afternoon. A 16-year-old is now facing charges of criminally negligent homicide, reckless driving, speeding and operating a motor vehicle out of class for being behind the wheel illegally.

Around 1:45 p.m., 16-year-old Eric Hakimisefat was zooming down East 23rd Street at around 63 mph – double the speed limit – when he lost control of the minivan he was driving. The van slammed into a parked car, hit a tree and ricocheted into the porch of 1620 East 23rd Street, reports say.

“It was this huge, colossal crash,” one neighbor told the Daily News. “You couldn’t fathom exactly what happened.”

In addition to Hakimisefat, the car carried a 16-year-old friend and the friend’s 13-year-old sister, Sarah Erdan.

Hakimisefat and the other 16-year-old survived the crash, but Erdan died of major head injuries at Kings County Hospital.

Hakimisefat has only a junior driver’s permit, which requires a parent or guardian to be with him when he drives. He was taken into custody by officers of the 61st Precinct.

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  1. Where are the boy’s parents. He should not have been driving the car. I wonder if they allowed it or if he took it without permission. If they allowed it they should be held responsible as well.

  2. Sooooooo how many more of these accidents do we need before this BS stops? People around here clearly go WAY to fast and are constantly running stop signs and stop lights. What’s the deal with the fast and the bi curious? When did it become “cool” to drive 63 mph down a residential road? Yea, that makes you tough. I’m so sick of this shit.

  3. what always happen is if i’m obeying speed limit and the driver flashes constantly behind me, I drive 10 mph slower. 🙂

  4. I highly doubt that the parents gave the car to their child. I know from experience, kids around sheepshead bay neighborhood steal their parents keys while they arent looking and go for joy rides. Its unfortunate, but the only thing that fuels this is the fact that young kids want to feel “cool” and drive a car. Especially young boys, they feel that if they are driving a car they are “cool” and girls will want to hang out with them. Its all about being popular… sad that it had to end that way. Prays go out to the family of that young girl. RIP

  5. On those streets, my worst nightmare is that at any moment some kid could jump out from in-between the parked cars. Then even 30 mph is deadly…

  6. And the ones who tailgate. If I can’t see both headlights in my rearview mirror, I slow down. Since they are only supposed to honk when there is a danger, I slow down to avoid the danger.

  7. What kind of BS are you referring to? It’s horrible what happened but one kid’s stupidity behind the wheel shouldn’t ruin it for everyone, especially the thousands of kids who drive safely while having just their junior drivers license (me being just 1 example back in the day). You sound like a cranky grandma who blames 1 incident on “this reckless society.” According to the article, he neither ran a stop sign nor a stop light.

  8. Hasidic & Orthodox jews are by far some of the worst drivers out there. And I happen to live right by the accident sight, so I know from experience. Not only that, but they could honestly give 2 sh**s about their children, and it’s proven right here. If they cared, they wouldn’t have let the kid drive the car. And the lack of knowledge of the rules, just goes to show that those 2 communities are able to bend the rules to get their way!! And this is, again, proven right here. They always get away with everything, and it’s disgusting.

    I hope this kid rots in jail for the rest of his life.

  9. You live near where this one horrible accident happened, so this thereby means you are now endowed with Masters-level sociological wisdom to be able to indisputably declare that all Hasidic and Orthodox Jews are terrible drivers, AND that “they could honestly give 2 sh**s about their children?” Are you a cop at the Six-One that you know for sure, because you have personally seen the accident report, that the 16 year-old boy definitely took the car with his parents’ permission?

    Jack Abramoff is an Orthodox Jew…he didn’t “get away with everything.” Last year 19 Orthodox Jews did a perp walk after they were indicted for organ harvesting. These are all really bad people.

    But a 16 year-old, who did something incredibly stupid, and horrible, because he was too young to know better…this is not the same caliber of criminal, and someone who committed such an egregious error, which robbed someone of their life, and a family of their child, should not “rot[s] in jail for the rest of his life.”

    That’s the anti-Semite in you talking, not some hard-nose out for actual justice.

  10. I guess it is the anti-semite in me. *shrugs* Oh well.

    And I still think the kid should rot in jail for the rest of his life because of his stupidity and ignorance.

  11. I think anti-Semites are stupid and ignorant, but it would be beneath me to suggest you should rot in jail for your stupidity and ignorance.

    Your quote suggests that because you have seen other Hasidic and Orthodox people behave, in your words, atrociously, that all Orthodox people around the world surely must also behave atrociously. Because what you — as one person — see with your two eyes is the ultimate arbiter and accurate gauge of how all Jews surely must be. They are all horrible filthy beasts, aren’t they? What else have you seen them do? I am sure you must have witnessed the horns, and seen them dip their matzoh in the blood of Christian babies, right?

    What kind of saint are you that you are so quick to judge others? Were you pure as the driven snow when you were 16 years-old? Should Laura Bush, who has helped millions of children around the world learn to read, rot in jail because she accidentally killed someone in an MVA when she was a teenager?

    I don’t even know why I bother — people like you only hear what they want to hear and are generally too narrow-minded to look at all angles of a situation and possibly see things in a way that may extend beyond their level of personal comfort.

    If you feel that the comments you have made are in any way intelligent or use a modicum of critical thinking skills, I am very sorry for you.

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