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Teen Hero Buried Today, Family Still Needs Your Help

St. Mark Roman Catholic Church hosted a mass for Jhordan Caballero.

Family and friends of Jhordan Caballero were joined by firefighters, community leaders and others at St. Mark Roman Catholic Church this morning, to give the 18-year-old a hero’s farewell.

St. Mark Roman Catholic Church offered the space and the service after hearing of the teen’s noble actions and tragic death, in which he saved his 8-year-old brother from their burning home, then rushed back into the blaze to attempt the rescue of an elderly neighbor before succumbing to the thick smoke last Friday.

After the mass, Caballero’s remains were transported to All Faiths Cemetery in Queens, where he will be buried. John J. Healey Funeral Home, Dignity Memorial held a viewing and memorial yesterday.

Sheepshead Bites readers, meanwhile, have also done this publication and this community proud. Those readers who donated through our PayPal link have sent the family nearly $1,000 to assist in their recovery, whole those who donated directly to the Brighton Neighborhood Association have contributed another $7,000.

That’s just a drop in the bucket for what this family will need to replace all their clothes, goods and furnishings in addition to finding a new home. A list of material goods they need can be found here. If you’d like to contribute financially, you can use the button below.

(Please note that donations made to the family or BNA through Sheepshead Bites are not tax-exempt as we are a for-profit business operating solely as a middleman.)

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  1. I want to thank those caring, loving people who took time to support the family. As a parent. No one wants to be in those shoes. It still shows you that there are people out there who are willing to help. I THANK YOU.

  2. With the exception of the tiny PayPal transaction fees (which go to PayPal), absolutely. To give you an idea, a $50 donation has a fee of $1.75. 

  3. I have called the BNA and was told that they need just about everything.  I will donate new linens as soon as they find an apartment.  In the meantime is there anyone out there that is willing to sign a petition to help a small group of indigenous people in the Chagos Islands who were evicted from their homes in the 60’s and have lived homeless and in poverty for all these years.  Please look at this petition.

    Elena Landriscina via SPEAK Human Rights Initiative
    My dear friends and family, please help me by signing this petition:
    The Chagos Islanders were expelled from their homes in the 1960s
    simply because the United States wanted their lands to build a military
    base at Diego Garcia. The Chagossians have never been allowed to return
    and now live in poverty. More info about this shameful history here:
    We need 25,000 signatures on this petition within the next 30 days
    before the White House will respond to this issue. Please sign!

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