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TD Bank Robbed! Thief Pulls Mission Impossible-Style Stunt, Drops In From Roof And Busts Through Wall

Source: Google Maps

Neighbors and bank customers clamored for information yesterday, as police converged on the TD Bank at 1602 Avenue U, taped off its entrance, and stayed on scene for most of the day following an overnight robbery committed by a daring thief.

According to reports, at least one robber accessed the roof of Medical Plaza P.C. at 2101 East 16th Street – right next door to TD Bank – opened a hatch, and descended into the business on a rope. The thief then busted through one of the walls to TD Bank and ransacked the bank’s safe deposit vault, stealing from multiple boxes.

The break-in wasn’t discovered until Monday morning, when employees opened up and found the mess, according to the Daily News. Fearing that the robber was still inside, police responded quickly – but the thief had escaped through the same roof hatch next door long before anyone arrived at the bank.

Police suspect more than one person participated in the robbery, reports the New York Post.

Neither the bank nor authorities have disclosed the amount of safe deposits accessed, or the total value of the goods taken.

Investigators were still on scene late into the evening, and one reader who lives adjacent to Medical Plaza P.C. said detectives visited them and other neighbors as they canvassed for potential leads.

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  1. Oh my G-d all of my money and diamonds was in safety deposit box! I have 12 boxes there with cash. Will welfare pay me back?

  2. I tried to paste a cartoon but the whole comment seems to be lost in cyberspace.
    A Hardy Har-Har well earned TD.

  3. Wait a minute. The “safe deposit area” isn’t a safe? Is it just a room with the normal Sheetrock and stud walls? 

  4. Although this guy wasn’t a “counter-hopper” during business hours, that inviting aspect of TD, and Commerce before, has always been quite a temptation to the criminally-minded. If this wasn’t an inside job to begin with, this guy might have thought there were lax security aspects preventing a night job too.

    It’s no shame to put up plexiglass, TD. No one is going to think you’re a Chinese takeout in a bad neighborhood.

  5. this is the not the first time i’ve heard such a break in where the bank is adjacent to an unsecured building.  at the minimum, the vault should have motion sensors.  the vault should actually be built underground enclosed more securely.  i think the vault in hsbc down the block looks more secured.  stupid td bank has their vault exposed to everyone who walks in.  

  6. The safe deposit in my bank is a room in a safe.  These guys at TD should be discounting their boxes and giving a free lunch to new boxholders.

  7. The back is NOT NEXT DOOR to this so called drugstore, which hardly has any merchandise in stock.  It is NEXT TO A FUR STORE CALLED CENTURY.  Somebody
    has sure messed up on this story.  It needs to be re investigated and rewritten.
    If the thieves broke the wall , they would have landed in the fur store, NOT THE BANK.  YOU JUST HAVE TO PASS IT By, and you will see that I am right.
    I say down with this BANK, which is filled with all kinds of bacteria.  I set foot in
    it when it opened.  Came out with some kind of viral infection that required going
    to a specialist.  No, I am not making this up.  I never set foot in there again.
    Let Kelly and Regis go there.

  8. This is not really a laughing matter. While you sit on your cozy couches feeling safe and untouched, a group of innocent people lost their years long savings, valuables, documents, gold, and other sentimental items. Come back from your honeymoon and realize your diamond ring that you thought would be safer at the bank is now gone, or that family necklace passed down from your great grandmother is now in the hands of some people who should rot in hell. TD bank better pay for this and find that inseider job person and stone him in public.

  9. Very true-a number of customers also kept cash in the boxes, in light of ever rising bread prices.

    After all, it pays to be ready for the Challah Cost.

  10. Oh shit this is a real mess. How could there not be an alarm system placed for things like this. Should be connected to the police department. Something does not smell right here. I was sure that all banks have savailance and alarms.

  11. Its called liquid assets, perhaps you dont own any so it would be hard to understand. Not everyone keeps their savings in cash, people differentiate their portfolios, and have savings in other forms than cash.

  12. Apparently the person knew the systme well, he turned off all electricity before entering the bank. Definitely smells fishy, i agree.

  13.  I know, virtually everyone does since that was the only way they could not have the plexi. It still tempts all the same.

  14. Oh, I haven’t been past the lobby area where they have the mural.

    Washington Mutual was using open kiosk stations ar some branches. The tellers didn’t have actual cash, withdrawals were made electronically. Chase converted a lot of them back to enclosures.

  15. Commerce started the “personal” unobstructed teller experience as a chain-wide standard. I’ve no idea if TD implemented it in Canada before or after their takeover, but it’s standard among every branch I’ve seen in the region.

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