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Tasty Tacos To Go At 5th Ave’s Jalapeño King


Jalapeno King Tacos
There are a number of reasons why this neighborhood is the greatest neighborhood in all of Brooklyn, but our proximity to tacos ranks pretty high on the list. We’ve got some of the best tacos around, and the offerings from Jalapeño King (719 5th Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd Streets) are no exception.

We stopped by last week before heading to one of Green-Wood’s Our Town performances, picked up a handful of beef, chicken, and pork tacos ($1.50 each), and then cozied up across the street at Mary’s Bar to eat — where the bartender admitted he loves the King’s tortas, and had one he’d just ordered back behind the bar.

Served with radishes, cucumbers, lime, and salsa (the red was crazy hot, while the green was more palatable for those of us with low heat tolerance), the tacos were all quite tasty, but the beef came out on top as a favorite. It’s hard to go wrong with fresh tortillas and flavorful meat, though!

While Girasol (690 5th Avenue at 21st Street) still holds a special place in our hearts, Jalapeño King is definitely serving up some solid taco fare. Give them a try the next time you’re in the area.

Jalapeño King is open Sunday through Thursday, 10am to 10pm, and Friday through Saturday, 10am to 11pm. Credit cards are accepted, and delivery is available ($10 minimum) by calling 347-987-3777.

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