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Tasty Deli Grocery To Move Into The Smoke Shop On Cortelyou


Tasty Deli Grocery moving to Smoke Shop Looks like two bodegas are going to soon be joining forces – we recently spotted this sign outside the Tasty Deli Grocery (1604 Cortelyou Road), which will be moving five storefronts away to a new home in the recently renovated Smoke Shop (1622 Cortelyou Road). Tasty Deli Grocery The move is slated to take place Sunday, July 20, when the spot will join the Smoke Shop – which was just revamped and, after being closed for the work, opened its doors to the public again several weeks ago. 1622 cortelyou smoke shop We haven’t heard yet what could replace the Tasty Deli Grocery but would love to hear what you think should move into the space!

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  1. They aren’t really “joining forces.” The owners of the former Kathmandu Deli seem to be gone. I thought the Tasty people renovated the space and did a soft open while their old location was still there–to transition their customers (not dumb). And frankly, it’s not all that exciting. It’s just a junky Lotto place, okay for picking up soda and chips, but not much else. Hopefully, something substantive will take the old Tasty place. Don’t care what.

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