Southern Brooklyn

T-Mobile Dealer To Open In Harkness Shopping Plaza

Photos by Arthur Borko

The final tenant in the newly constructed shopping strip by the United Artists theater revealed itself. A T-Mobile authorized dealer is opening doors to customers of the “plaza” on Knapp Street between Harkness Avenue and Shore Parkway.

That means we’ve got a Dunkin’ Donuts, a T-Mobile, a tattoo parlor and a liquor shop in the place of a former gas station and mechanic.

I’m scratching my head to try and figure out a more interesting angle to package all this wonderful information in, but, unfortunately, it’s just not that interesting…

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  1. Ah so American! Where once we made and repaired machinery we now load up on empty calories, babble to each other endlessly, think great art is “mom” printed on our butt, and drink like this is no tomorrow. Maybe there isn’t.

  2. Awesome! Now I can chug some wild turkey, drop off my phone for a replacement and data transfer, before I get my tattoo and it’ll be done afterwards and I can reward myself to a donut, before heading off to the movies!

  3. Well the Big Grand Opening Day is quickly approaching for the T-mobile. The store will finally open its door to customers on October 16, 2010 at 10 am sharp. Join us for our grand opening. We will have lots of surprises, great deals on phones and special deals on phone plans. If you join us for the grand opening you will have a chance to win a brand new Blackberry handset. Hope to see you there!

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