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Swastika Found In Midwood, Causing Surprisingly Little Concern

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A swastika was found in Midwood, scrawled on top of a Courier Life news box. Israel Nation News is reporting that they discovered the hate graffiti posted on Facebook by a concerned citizen but little action has been taken as of yet.

The swastika was discovered on the corner of Avenue J and East 14th Street. Israel National News was pretty annoyed at the lack of responses and outrage the image generated on Facebook:

A local Jewish resident, noticing the mark, snapped the photo and posted it on Facebook. But few people even bothered to comment.

One Facebook member wrote, “Those rascally Buddhists / Hindus. I hope.”  But a second writer responded, “Not in a Jewish neighborhood. More like Pakistani Muslims…” A commentator from Israel added, “What’s weird is the laid-back attitude that everyone is taking towards this.”

I personally am torn on this issue. I obviously believe that drawing swastikas anywhere, let alone a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, is wrong. Sometimes I feel that glorifying the hate crimes of bigoted punks does nothing but bring pleasure to the idiot who did it in the first place. On the other hand, bringing attention to the evil of the swastika is probably useful in educating young people who might not know better. Either way, it is bad and needs to stop – and someone ought to scrub that box clean.

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  1. What a sensationalist headline. Some idiot draws a small swastika on some random newspaper dispenser, what do you expect? a whole neighborhood rally against hate? Who cares? It’s not like someone spray painted a huge 10ft swastika on a memorial, it’s just a fucking newspaper dispenser. scratch it off for fucks sake, or put some sticker on it.

    What do you expect? a manhunt over a vandalized newspaper dispenser?

  2. its upsetting i get it i am jewish it is wrong but what can we do ? no point in fighting anymore because people will always do something hateful like this….

  3. I don’t see the headline as sensationalist. If you read the story, it describes exactly what happened. A swastika was found, it got very little reaction. That is all.

  4. that is obviously not Nazi swastika but rather Hindu and Buddhism one which has completely different meaning and symbolism … the hands turn the opposite way … but most people are too quick to judge and get offended

  5. I doubt the person who drew this was trying to channel the spirit of Ganesha or Vishnu. Come on. We’ve lived in Brooklyn long enough to know that some smartass thought they’d be cute, draw a hate symbol to elicit negative attention, and like most ignoramuses who draw this crap, did it wrong because they probably never opened a book in their life.

  6. Maybe someone was bored while waiting in line for a pizza at DiFara’s and wanted to pull a prank and get some press. He succeeded.

  7. Probably a Buddhist monk spreading his beliefs. And lol at the “Not in a Jewish neighborhood. More like Pakistani Muslims…” FB comment. Racism goes both ways.

  8. […] Last month, we reported on a reverse swastika drawn on a Courier-Life news box in Midwood, and while the assumption was that it was the work of a hateful punk it could have very well been a local Raelist or Buddhist. Either way, the confusion reflects naivety of the Raelists in their effort to “rehabilitate” the swastika. They should probably wait a few thousand years before pulling stunts like this again. […]

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