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Suzanna Schumacher’s ‘The Sidekick Series’ Tells Animal Adoption Tales


Ever wonder what happens to shelter animals after they’re lucky enough to find a loving, adoptive home? Suzanna Schumacher, a neighbor who has two adopted dogs of her own, recently started a new project called The Sidekick Series to tell some of the stories of how homeless pets find their owners, and what their life in NYC is like now.

South Slope News recently spoke with Suzanna, who shares how her dog Hans Gruber‘s adoption story inspired the new video series, how local pet owners can get involved, and why she thinks it’s important for people to consider adopting from a shelter.

“We want people to take away a simple message: adopt your next pet,” Suzanna says. “Head to a local shelter or rescue and meet some dogs or cats. Every time a shelter/rescue animal finds a home, that leaves a space for another one to be saved, and it’s a wonderful ripple effect.”

See the full Q&A here!

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