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Suspects Wanted In Robbery Of Infinite Wireless Store

Source: ABC News
Source: ABC News

The NYPD is searching for a pair of crooks that robbed the Infinite Wireless (1745 Sheepshead Bay Road) store this past Monday afternoon.

ABC is reporting that the thieves grabbed items off the walls and threatened a worker with a knife before fleeing the scene:

The first suspect is described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s, with a medium complexion, facial hair and wearing a striped hooded sweatshirt and a multicolored baseball hat.

The second suspect was also a black male in his late teens or early 20s, about 5-foot-6, wearing a white hoodie, white pants and a white baseball cap.

The threatened worker was not hurt and the suspects fled on foot.

If you have information on this robbery please call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

We’re waiting to get a better photo of the suspects, and will update this story when we do.

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  1. The good is becoming worse and worse . These fuckers are coming into our Neigborhood and trying to rub us . I stopped a purse snatching a few weeks back . It happened on the E14th st bridge in broad day light . Don’t be afraid to stand up to theses bullies .

  2. The other day, a few punks threw some sort of bottle at me while I was sitting on the boardwalk. They were exiting at the Oceana building exit of the bdwalk. One of the punks gave me that intimidating stare that they think makes them tough. Well, it only served to make me angrier and get off the bench and start walking towards them, yelling “c’mon, let’s go”. I wasn’t going to do anything till that stare really pissed me off. I interpreted it as a racist stare. I know it was stupid, but I was so mad. I guess the odds of 3-1, and quite a bit of age wasn’t good enough for these assholes, so they ran. I chased a little, but knew I wasn’t going to catch them. The nice end of the story was when I turned back in anger, I almost bumped into a Russian guy who said “I saw the whole thing, I was coming to help you out”. So, punks, you should know that in this neighborhood, people aren’t going to stand around and take your shit. Gutless wonders, be prepared, and think twice if you think it’s an easy getaway.

  3. Good for you . Most of these punks are gutless and deserve a good smack to set them straight . I’ve noticed many concerned citizens that are eager to help when they see youngsters acting up . Even when I gave chase after the purse snatchers I noticed cars slowing to help out . It’s a good feeling

  4. honestly good for Infinite. They skeem all many people everyday. and the owners have expensive cars and do illegal shit!

  5. lmao….

    No but seriously….. it says they grabbed items off the wall. usually no one holds anything of value on the wall…. Sooooo they grabbed what? 1 dollar cases and holsters?

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