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Support The PS/MS 282 Royal Panthers Chess Team

PS/MS 282 Chess Team via 282 PTO

The PS/MS 282 chess team, the Royal Panthers, won a National Championship last year, but not every child on the team got to head to the competition. This year, they’re hoping to get all the kids to a tournament to compete together, and they need your help.

The team is raising funds at Donors Choose, with a goal of about $19,600, and they’ve already made some headway after Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist who has invested in such companies as Twitter and Foursquare, pledged his support and encouraged others to join him in a post on his popular daily blog.

“I am a big fan of teaching chess to youngsters. I think it teaches struggling, persevering, thinking ahead, and getting ahead,” Wilson wrote. “I would like to see more of it in our public schools.”

At 282, which is located at 180 6th Avenue, it’s a socio-economically and racially diverse school community that has attracted students from comparatively disadvantaged neighborhoods who want to be part of the successful chess team.

“This is not just about chess, this is about life, and about seeing beyond the next move to brighter futures,” wrote teacher Mr. Carney.

If you’d like to help the team, you can make a donation online here.

Photo via 282 Royal Panthers Chess Team

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