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Styrofoam In The Crosshairs For City’s Latest Ban

Source: BrokenSphere via WIkimedia Commons

Styrofoam is perhaps one of the most space-aged products mankind has ever invented. But, though the stuff is soft, lightweight and relatively durable, its also a dangerous environmental hazard. Because of this, the Sanitation Department is looking for a city-wide ban on the product, according to a report by DNA Info.

The legislation being proposed would place the focus of the ban on businesses and not consumers.

“This would not be something that the consumer would have to deal with,” said deputy commissioner for recycling and sustainability Ron Gonen, “From a pure dollars-and-cents standpoint, it costs us money to dispose of Styrofoam in a landfill. It’s also unhealthy for the environment. It doesn’t break down properly.”

Instead, the ban would fine or heavily tax businesses that continue to order and distribute Styrofoam in large quantities, forcing them to find more environmentally favorable alternatives.

“We’re either going to ban your product or packaging, or make you pay to have it sent to a landfill,” Gonen said.

Councilman Lew Fidler, who had expressed support for a ban in the past, reaffirmed his support for the new ban proposal.

“I would love to move this bill forward, as it would be a help to both our environment and to our businesses through tax incentives,” Fidler said in a released statement.

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  1. Yep. Consumers won’t have to deal with this at all. Nope. Just the oncoming price hikes due to rising cost of whatever new materials the business decides to use for their products. The BS environmental concern fools nobody.

  2. I”m for banning the stuff. One time I ordered a computer, I think, with a million little styrofoam thingys in the box. I neglected to secure the box after removing the computer…. I had a black cat…. Well, when I returned, the black cat was a white cat, and I had a white apartment, let’s put it that way. Casper (yes, I named a black cat Casper), you always were a little devil (Casper 1989-2008).

  3. Why stop at styrofoam?

    He’s on a roll now, & there’s no telling what could be the next ridiculous target of his Richie Rich Rage.

    Nest thing you know, he’ll ban tampons, as they’re insulting to Scott Stringer, & hot dogs, as they’re insulting to Anthony Wiener.

    Until there’s a ban on bans, we’re doomed…

  4. This is a case of another politician trying to make a case where there is none, for self publicity, or at worst, profit.. While there was absolutely no mention of the possible detrimental long term health affects of transporting and storing food in Styrofoam in this article, it has been proven over and over again that we are neither running out of landfill space, nor does it cost more to transport the stuff. Both plastic and paper is heavier to transport, and paper, while it can be recycled, recycling not only costs more to do then use new paper, but the negative ramifications to the environment from the recycling process is never mentioned. It is between 3-5 times worse to recycle paper for the environment, then to use new paper. Learn the facts people, and dont let politicians steam roll ya.

  5. Fidler is just trying to get his name out for free advertising for his endless running for office. You might not remember but he was caught using the school Children of PS 207 to send his flyers to parents and was told that what he was doing was not legal…Lets not forget! FIDLER IS THE REASON WE STILL HAVE BLOOMBERG! Funny how Lew misses a huge amount of meetings because of illness but is never too unhealthy to run for office.

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