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Study: Sheepshead Bay’s Got Booze And Boys!

Good lookin' lady holding a Sheepshead fish = perfect for this post, right? (Source:

All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
Now come to Sheepshead Bay!

Sorry, that was a lame reference, but it just couldn’t be avoided for this monumental news we’re about to bring you…

According to a study done by New York City Economic Development Corporation, Sheepshead Bay is one of the leading neighborhoods to go cruising for single men. There are about 1.5 males for every single female in this area.

A side note to the study also says that roughly $855 million ayear gets spent in New York City’s 1,200 bars. When you break it down, it comes out to $140 annually per person 21 and over. So if you’re a single lady on the prowl, not only does Sheepshead Bay have plenty of men, but they’ll all be sporting beer goggles to level the playing field.

But then, who really needs that? We all know Sheepshead Bay has the most beautiful ladies in all of New York City, amiright?

So ladies, ladies, ladies, if you happen to be a reader from Park Slope or Flatbush, just come on down to the Bay and you’ll be sure to find a single man* (says statistics, not me).

*DISCLAIMER: The study only reflects the percentage of every male for female. It doesn’t reflect the personality, characteristics, or traits of these single guys. There could be a chance that the single guy you do meet isn’t the one or isn’t even a nice guy. But, hey, he’s single, so that counts… right?

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  1. Oh and what a selection of men we have too.  Today in the morning I saw a hobo sleeping on the floor of the Chase bank, he looked single and ready to mingle.  And let’s not forget the African American gentleman who sits next to Stop & Shop and yells at the costumers as they enter and exit the store. Certainly he is the kind of individual that any Sheepshead Bay gal would be lucky to take home. 

    Okay ladies here is what you need to do.  The weather will get warm in a few months, so tighten up those buns, squeeze yourselves into some form-fitting article of clothing and start prancing around Cherry Hill.  If you are lucky / slutty enough a nice Russian man with a Mercedes will take you in as his own.  Happy Fishing!

  2. Man with a Mercedes? That’s so 2006. Everyone knows all the ladies these days want to get in on some hot blogger action…

    For a good time, call Sheepshead Bites…

  3. Or.  to add to your little song.

    Wear some Slutty Form fitting clothing at sheepshead Ballies.  and surely someone will go for you!

  4. That blogger nonsense might get you some liberal tail in Williamsburgh but here in Sheepshead Bay women still value cold hard currency and the automobiles it can buy. 

  5. Hey ladies, here I am, the picture above is me. The picture is 25 years old, but of course I look exactly the same. The trick is, to tell which one is me….

  6. Is there an actual report behind these figures showing the methodology and giving an explanation as to why these figures are as they are?  There are so many variables that might explain these figures, do they really mean anything except, perhaps, to marketers aiming at that specific demographic?  Of course, if the ratio is the same in the local watering holes, perhaps Sheepshead guys should do their drinking in a more female predominant census tract.

  7. Good looking, is in the eyes of the beholder. Frankly, I prefer, the brown eyed girls!
    PS Fish in photo, me thinks, is extinct too?!

  8. Lmao @ Tuth. Crazy black guy at shop and stop has made marriage proposals to me. Every time he see me he’s like “you’re my girl” and “you’d be my wifey”. I also got “business marry” proposal from Russian guy with green card problem. Talk about romance in sheepshead bay!!’

  9. Nothing proves the amount of sausage and quality of it than these comments here.
    You guys are such charmers and smooth talkers. I particularly enjoy observing skillful advances of Russian gentlemen who follow close second to romantic skills of Italians.


  10. Ned you don’t need to pretend anymore, we are cool with your kind. We even let you guys marry now. Let your rainbow colors fly buddy.
    Nothing says proper blogger like romantic, gentle sodomy.

  11. personally, i don’t particularly like your way of picking up men… it might work well for you, but being someone’s equivalent of a puppy dog is just not my cup of tea. 😀 
    any other suggestions to get those 1.5 single m(e?)n?

  12. I would be the equivalent of the nice Russian gentleman in the Mercedes, so just saying what would work for me if I were not married. Other than what I have already said, perhaps posting a pic on sheepsheadbaybites would work, but if you catch anything it would probably be an unemployed middle age geezer with a liberal arts degree. (no offense to anyone here)

  13. the funny part is that only guys commented on this article… And guys some of us ladies look for a lot more than money and cars in a guy……how about personality? manners? respect? goals??

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