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Strawberry Shortcake Eating Competition This Saturday At Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket


Strawberry Shortcake Competition by Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on FB
Think you’ve got what it takes to eat fresh, delicious strawberry shortcake quickly, cleanly, or messier than the competition? All without using your hands? Then you should be at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket this Saturday, June 21 at 11am to test your skills at the annual Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest!

Prizes will be awarded to Fastest Eater, Messiest Eater, and Cleanest Eater. If you’d like to compete in the most delicious contest of the year, email Natalia at

Photo via GAP Greenmarket

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  1. This must be a very expensive competition to organize if they are using the $7/pint strawberries that this greenmarket sells.

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