Western Brooklyn

Straphangers Mystified By Massive Bottle Collections Blocking N Train Doors

Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean

When it comes to strange things that we’ve seen on the N line, this incident ranks pretty high on the list.

At around 12am this morning, straphangers were baffled when, upon entering the N train, they were accosted by several clear, behemoth-size bags, filled to the brim with bottles and cans — each one tied to the end of a pole.

The bags — eight in total — appeared to be unclaimed, and were blocking four out of six of the Brooklyn-bound subway car entryways. While the diligent recycling job was impressive, carrying obstructive items on the subway is against MTA rules, and offenders could potentially be fined $75.

Passengers soon began to speculate on how much the seemingly abandoned bags might be worth if the bottles were cashed in at a supermarket recycling center.

One rider guesstimated that, at 5 cents a piece, the bagged bottles would rake in about $45. Another straphanger scoffed, “No way! These bags are worth at least $2,500.”

Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean

What do you think the bags are worth? Who left them there? Are they really worth risking the MTA’s draconian fines? Share your thoughts in the comments!