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Straphangers Mystified By Massive Bottle Collections Blocking N Train Doors

Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean

When it comes to strange things that we’ve seen on the N line, this incident ranks pretty high on the list.

At around 12am this morning, straphangers were baffled when, upon entering the N train, they were accosted by several clear, behemoth-size bags, filled to the brim with bottles and cans — each one tied to the end of a pole.

The bags — eight in total — appeared to be unclaimed, and were blocking four out of six of the Brooklyn-bound subway car entryways. While the diligent recycling job was impressive, carrying obstructive items on the subway is against MTA rules, and offenders could potentially be fined $75.

Passengers soon began to speculate on how much the seemingly abandoned bags might be worth if the bottles were cashed in at a supermarket recycling center.

One rider guesstimated that, at 5 cents a piece, the bagged bottles would rake in about $45. Another straphanger scoffed, “No way! These bags are worth at least $2,500.”

Photo by Josh Freed/ Bensonhurst Bean

What do you think the bags are worth? Who left them there? Are they really worth risking the MTA’s draconian fines? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Don’t be ridiculous. Asian bottle collectors would never leave their day’s work behind. I’ve seen a guy on the N train who carts bottles around in volume on poles like this. I’m not sure what his ethnicity is, but he’s not Asian. Time to stop making assumptions.

  2. yeah…i agree with sean…an asian would never leave behind his cans. unless he got arrested…then it’s not even his fault cause the cops should of taken it off the train.

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