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Storobin Gets A New Trash Bin On Avenue U

Source: Senator Storobin’s office

The following a press release from the offices of State Senator David Storobin:

As of last month, Brooklynites can enjoy a cleaner Avenue U, thanks to the efforts of State Sen. David Storobin (R-Brooklyn).

After opening his District Office at 22-01 Avenue U in June, the Senator noticed garbage being dumped illegally on the street, which is one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant commercial strips. The Senator reached out to the local DSNY supervisor, requesting that new trash cans be placed on the avenue at strategic locations where dumping had occurred.

“I urge residents to use the new trash cans only for litter from shopping at the wonderful small businesses here on Avenue U,” Storobin said. “By working together, we can keep the street clean for businesses, shoppers and strollers alike.”

Household garbage cannot be placed in the cans, or they may be removed once again.

Wait, did he just threaten us? Well, we hope it works out better than our Garbage Theory

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  1. Is this the hyper-local version of The Onion? This can’t really be a story can it?

    And here we were worried that the State Senetor-elect wouldn’t get a chance to do anything… GARBAGE CANS PEOPLE! We have garbage cans! Rejoice!

  2. That’ll teach you to kick our glorious State Senator. When he sees garbage in front of his office he gets right on the job.

    As for the rest of you, get your own garbage cans.

  3. I’m wondering that when people toss literature from his office into the can in front wouldn’t it be considered business trash. He may be subject to a $100 fine.

  4. That’s funny, the guy puts a trash bin in his area…. Then again, given the trash all the politicians throw us, perhaps a bin is necessary at all their headquarters!

  5. Why not make the trash bins bigger? You look at that thing, and about four peoples’ lunches can just about fill it. Or will Sanitation union complain if this is done?

  6. I find this very funny, as I called his office on Monday when all the trash cans I saw on Avenue U were overflowing with garbage along with garbage outside the trash cans.
    The person who took my call seemed to be unaware of this problem.
    So how can anyone believe him.  IMO, I I don’t believe he honestly won the election
    against Lew Fidler.  He obviously is a blatant liar when it comes to keeping Avenue U clean.  Finally early this morning, the garbage cans that I saw were emptied.
    Storobin, if you want to clean up AVENUE U as you propose, take a broom and start sweeping it.  After all, a new broom is supposed to sweep good and YOU ARE A NEW BROOM, SO START SWEEPING.

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