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Storobin Attacks Kagan For Never Holding A Full-Time Job, Kagan Responds

City Council candidate David Storobin
City Council candidate David Storobin

In an interview, Republican City Council candidate David Storobin characterized Democratic candidate Ari Kagan as someone who has never held a full-time job, thus making him unqualified as a potential councilman. In the interview, conducted by Matzav, Storobin also expressed his opinion that Kagan would be a puppet of the Democratic machine.

When asked about what he thinks of his opponents in the Council race, Storobin singled out Kagan and held back no punches in his description of him:

One of my opponents is Ari Kagan, a 46-year-old who has never had a full-time job in his life. He talks about creating jobs, but why couldn’t he create one for himself first? As a fellow Russian-American, I find this to be an embarrassment. This community worked very hard to build itself up after coming to this country penniless, and right now almost everyone has joined the middle class. But out of all the successful people, Frank Seddio and the Brooklyn Democratic Party bosses decided to back the only person I know who is permanently unemployed because they know he’ll be the easiest to control. Why did no Democratic politician offer him a real, full-time job, something Kagan desperately wanted during his 16 years of political involvement? If he wasn’t good enough for the Democratic politicians, why is he being forced upon the people of this district?

I think the difference between someone like myself who was raised poor and started his own business at the age of 25 versus someone who has never landed a full-time job in his life is very clear.

In response to Storobin’s characterization, Kagan’s campaign spokesperson sent Sheepshead Bites the following quote, touching on parts of Kagan’s resumé, and slammed Storobin for mudslinging:

Like many New Yorkers, Ari worked a number of jobs to provide for his family. He is proud to have served as a part-time staffer to prominent elected officials, in addition to his work as a journalist, hosting popular radio and television programs and writing for a weekly newspaper in a growing and vibrant immigrant community. In fact, Ari worked full-time at the Russian Jewish Forward while pursuing his degree at Baruch College as a full time student. It’s not surprising that once again David Storobin chooses to bring his campaign into the gutter – he never fails to disappoint. Along with being factually inaccurate, his comments ignore the important contributions made by hardworking women and men in community and ethnic media.
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  1. Ari also worked at a hugging booth that said “Free Hugs For Senior Citizens Who Vote for Me”

    Storbin, you are no prize either. What have you done for the community? The shit that comes out of you when you speak Russian is an embarrassment to Russians and the Republican party.

  2. It is not about Kagan or Storobin anymore. It is about you andI and many others. The reason that Storobin picks on Kagan and Kagan picks on Storobin is they just identical twins full of BS. There are some real people in this race, people withe record they run on. So be smart, stop paying attention to those two boys fighting for attention. They both should be embarrassed for lies after lies, starting from childhood stories to Sandy recovery effort. So let’s be smart and intelligent and elect someone real

  3. So Ari Kagan admits that he hasn’t had a full-time job in 20 years, even when
    the economy was booming. He was given a chance as a young man, but as people got
    to know him, nobody wanted to hire him. He admits that for 16 years, he’s been
    in politics, looking for a job, and yet every Democratic (and Republican)
    politician rejected him as their potential staffer. When he would show up to
    Russian community events to promote himself for a future campaign run, Kagan
    would also get paid to promote someone like John Liu or John McMahon, but when
    it came time for these and all other politicians to hire someone to actually sit
    there 9 to 5 serving constituents, they knew that this isn’t someone they wanted
    to be represented by.

    No wonder all three Democratic clubs in our district are opposed to him
    (all are for Theresa Scavo) as are our local Democratic elected officials who
    actually live in this district Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (also for Scavo)
    and Councilman Mike Nelson (for Chaim Deutsch). Those who know him best know
    that he can’t represent them.

  4. Very good analysis. These two are really the same person, with the same ideas going after the same base of voters, misinformed Russians seniors.

  5. DS? David Storobin?

    Clearly he just explained that not ONLY did he have a full-time job, but IN ADDITION he went to class full-time while working full-time. How much clearer can he be?

    The local democratic elected officials know him best? You mean Streven Cymbrowitz, who Kagan’s close friend ran against? or Mike Nelson, whose long-time employee is running in the race?

    A clearer picture of his abilities is the fact that almost every OTHER politician relevant to this race has endorsed him, including the Congressman of the district and his former opponent Alec Brook-Krasny.

    As for Mr. Storobin, perhaps if he (you?) had graduated from a law school that required at least a 3.5GPA, he (you?) would be able to come up with arguments that centered on Kagan’s political positions, rather than just poor personal attacks.

  6. i personally liked storobin and he has a great point ! even though kagan never had a job …and blah blah he seems kind of dumb ,why would we want kagan who has nothing going on in his brain to represent us ? anyways kagan looks he has nothing to do but to run for this election and seems kind of bored if you ask me .

  7. CLEARLY He has had a full-time job and has a degree from Baruch College. How many times does this need to be repeated? How can you just believe what Mr. Storobin says at face value??

  8. People think politics has hit an all-time low in the United States. This particular exchange here seems befitting of snakes.

    However politics was far dirtier in the old days. For example, I read the book “Impeached” about the impeachment and trial of Andrew Johnson. Bribery was freely offered. Threats were out in the open (physical threats). Underhanded deals were common.

    This vocal mudslinging between these two is indeed minor league play compared to our political ancestors.

  9. i can see your issue with strobin although i disagree i know him he is not like that but to vote for kagan that’s a no no he is a clown the will bring shame to the Russian community he has nothing to run on besides his corruption and stupid smile on his face all the time I will say igor oberman or even deutsch anything will be better then kagan for us

  10. What corruption exactly? You’re not going to vote for him because of his smile? Way to vote based on the issues!

  11. What issues? If Kagan is a community activist and civic leader (his own description) why he was never involved in any issues. Sanitation, illegal construction, beach condition, infrastructure? He did not see it? He was too busy dancing in front of politicians? Shame on Kagan but shame on us if we are ready to elect such clown. Election just one week away. Think twice before you cast your vote

  12. Stop that nonsense. Oberman and Storobin are friends, the worst corrupted friends ever. Igor Oberman does not work and was fired from the Brooklyn Borough President office. He gets kickbacks from vendors for giving them expensive contracts…Read true American press like NYPost and DailyNews, not prepaid Russkaya Reklama. Get real info not rumors. Take Igor Oberman to your Co-Op and you would find yourselves on the streets.

  13. Think twice.It’s better to vote for high moral clown, than for self-fish dictators like Oberman and Storobin, who does not want to pay his rent. Kagan has nothing to do with issues you mentioned, he just a district leader. Ask Alec Brook-Krasny who promised you lots of things.

  14. Ari Kagan, a journalist does not work? What a crazy idea! Just somebody stupid or who does not watch Russian TV programs can state that. LOL

  15. Once again, I remind our readers that posting under multiple names on the same thread in an attempt to deceive is a bannable offense. Especially when you do it so blatantly. Try harder.

  16. Theresa Scavo has held many full time jobs. Some of which she has even been paid money for. To-wit: Mother, Teacher, Small Business Owner and Chairperson of Brooklyn Community Board 15. She is also active with the 61 Precinct Council, Coney Island Hospital, and many other groups.

  17. As a person who makes their living as a freelancer and consultant I say this to David Storobin: go fuck yourself you piece of shit. Not every one of us chooses to take a 9-5 job… and demoralizing an entire group of workers for politics is disgusting. People work 60 hour weeks on their freelance gigs and you have the gall to call them perpetually unemployed. I enjoy what I do and you should go back to what you do in your law office: defending rapists and wife beaters by telling the courts that victims lie. Stay out of politics you shit scum.

  18. People really need to learn some respect. And actually evaluate FACTS and not throw around baseless accusations. I have no doubt that Kagan is a good man. However he is running for city council in the greatest city in the world, no small deal. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want my candidates to have worked and excelled in their field (either for themselves or someone else). To me this shows aptitude and an ability to succeed as a political leader. Part-time jobs and working for a small local newspaper is great, but just doesn’t cut it. Yes, working and going to school at night is admirable. I work 40-50 hours a week and attend law school at night, and while difficult, in no way should be
    considered a qualification for public office. Kagan undoubtedly works hard, but
    I don’t feel convinced he can be the leader the district needs. Storobin graduated college almost in half the time, and was the youngest person in his
    law school. He opened a law office in his mid-twenties, a time when most people
    are still deciding on what path to take in life. He worked hard, and now has
    three offices in as many boroughs. That is an exception, and not the rule. Why
    would you attack success like that? Like I said, Kagan is a hard worker and
    good person, but he does not stand out enough to be qualified for city council.
    If you disagree, or perhaps dislike (or even hate) a candidate, there is no
    need for cursing or name calling. You completely invalidate yourself and your

  19. Regardless of what kind of jobs either of them had or where they went to school or ANYTHING else, what everyone should be concerned about is who they represent, what they stand for, and why. These attacks on each other as politicians do absolutely nothing for us as the voters. The only thing Storobin displayed here is his ability to talk sh*t. Ari looks weak because he had a spokesperson respond (perhaps it’s because he can’t speak English properly?… that’s a concerning issue in my eyes). If they want to be “voices” for their people they need to start focusing more on what’s important to the people and less on each other. At the end, Storobin won’t win because Ari did or didn’t have a full time job.

  20. The stakes were the direction of the country at that time, and Johnson was getting in the way of some very powerful people. No comparison here, though I would shudder if someone like Storobin became President.

  21. Storibin went to a a college that has a poor academic rating. His success is the result of his avarice. His personality flaws aided him, examination of the full person shows an individual who should not be trusted with ensuring the public good.

  22. So if you don’t go to Harvard or Yale you’re a failure? A recent president went to both … Rather elitist to criticize a person that went to a college with “a poor academic rating. “ Brooklyn College is a great school (Kagan went to Baruch, also a CUNY) and many people do well graduating from there. Not sure how this is a detriment, you have to work much harder if you graduated from a “lower ranked” school then if you went to an Ivy where all doors are automatically open for you, regardless of your actual ability. And what are you basing your assessment of his personality and lack of trustworthiness on? What proof do you have of greed?
    Just because you do not like him doesn’t make him a terrible person. Throwing out some comments sure is easy.

  23. This report is subject to – without exaggeration – daily jokes among my friends. I was accused of cheating on my wife when I didn’t have a wife… with a divorce client when I didn’t yet handle divorces. The rest of the report is just as unbelievable.
    It was published a couple of days after my opponent hired a campaign manager, who didn’t even bother researching whether I’m married or not, just as Lew Fidler didn’t know I was Jewish when he accused me of being a Nazi Skinhead at the start of the campaign.

    But until then, I had not a single negative review as an attorney, no ethics violations, no law suits from clients. Someone posting anonymously that I cheated on a non-existent wife is nothing more than dirty politics.

    As for Rutgers Law School, granted it slipped 30-40 spots since I applied there, when it was a borderline first-tier school (though it’s still ranked above average), but as I’ve told many law school applicants who came to me for advice, it’s the best school one can attend without getting ripped off on tuition. That was the reason I chose it over Cardozo, Fordham and other schools I was admitted to. Rankings change every year, but tuition loans stay with you for a decade or longer.

  24. You were not accused of being a skinhead. That was merely a projection made of the facts involved, not a direct statement of presumed fact. There were questions about an article you wrote that appeared to be sympathetic to white separatists in South Africa. That a decision was made to remove that article and other material you wrote for that website made it seem suspicious. The fact that the decision to remove the articles was made by another person does little to ameliorate the impression that this was done because the articles were a possible liability to your political career.

  25. You mentioned college. Hmmm … who has to read more carefully now? I’ve read the list, I go to one of those law schools. He attended law school a decade ago. These subjective rankings have changed. His school was a Tier 1 when he attended, and is still ranked in the top 100.

  26. Just in few days we have primaries not a general election. Why even talk about Storobin. Two Russian boys fight. Let them do it. They do not even know the rules to play by. There is a reason for a big Russian war there. They are competing for a title “First ever Soviet born NY City Council Member”
    Since the new district is called “super-Russian”, there are few Russian candidates and some Russians believe that electing one of them will do the community a big favor.BS!. Since when in US the ability to speak foreign language was a qualification for a public office? I am Russian myself but I do not believe that Kagan who has no knowledge, no language proficiency (English I mean) can be a lawmaker and make my life better. I do not care how well he is known among Russians and how much Russians want their own in City Hall. This community pride nonsense makes me sick. I mentioned it before and would say it again. Vote for a record and knowledge. My choice is Chaim.

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