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Deli Owner Arrested For Waving Gun At Teens, Claims They Were Shoplifting

Hanna Deli, 2570 86th Street. (Source: Google Maps)
Hanna Deli, 2570 86th Street. (Source: Google Maps)

An 86th Street deli owner was arrested Saturday for allegedly pointing his gun at a group of teens he claims were trying to shoplift.

[Redacted] Hanna, 56, has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, child endangerment, and menacing for allegedly turning his barrel on a 15-year-old boy at approximately 8:33pm inside Hanna Deli, located at 2570 86th Street, according to the NYPD. The gun is licensed to Hanna, but he is not authorized to carry it on Saturdays, say cops.

The shopkeeper’s 24-year-old son, who asked not to be named, tells a different story, describing a group of bullies who have been ransacking the store for years, and had threatened his father on the evening of May 7.

“They said ‘I’m going to call my dad and tell him to kill you, you immigrant!'” said the younger Hanna. “When I came to the store, my father’s face was red. He was afraid.”

Surveillance video of the incident shared with Bensonhurst Bean appears to show small groups of male and female teens crowding around the deli counter, trying to climb through the window, and running down the street (we’ve decided not to publish the footage since the kids are minors).

The Hannas, who are Egyptian immigrants, have four grown kids, ages 16 – 24. Since they purchased the store in 2012, they say they have been robbed numerous times, but police have been unable to track down the culprits.

The son recalled a similar incident on Halloween 2014, when he says teens threw tires at his father and mooned his mother, 50, who was working at the register. His father shooed the kids from the store, but his wife was shaken, according to the son.

“My mom was crying and calling the police, but they didn’t respond,” he said.

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  2. Says their minors. Also blacks don’t go to college get your facts straight. Their higher education consists of stealing, murdering someone, or getting free hand outs from the gov’t.

  3. I can’t even begin to address all the bigoted, ignorant crap in this comment. This neighborhood really is full of horrible people, and it appears they are white like me. I hope they catch these kids, so these hard-working store owners can continue to be here for our community.

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  6. If cops can’t catch them and you’re doing it your own way to make sure it’s right, you’re in the wrong. Catch 22 indeed.

  7. ‘Serves him right for settling in NYC. If you want to live in real liberty, avoid that place like the plague, and certainly don’t put down roots and establish a business there.

  8. Spoken like a true leftist schmuck. Re-brand your opposition with outrageous slurs, a la Alinsky, and call for them to be silenced.

    Transparently intolerant, says I.

  9. This neighborhood is getting worse and worse. 62 precinct takes 45 minutes to an hour to arrive At the scene (they are not that far away)

  10. I’m not sure I did anything particular, Rachel. You know I love the site, and have a real problem allowing bigotry to flourish. I suppose you could delete mine as well. It’s just kind of hanging there, responding to something that’s no longer there.

  11. Not saying it’s a good idea to let a lot of Muslims come here, but if they do come here they have a right not to be robbed. He should have kept his gun concealed until and unless they threatened violence, and then killed.

  12. “The gun is licensed to Hanna, but he is not authorized to carry it on Saturdays, say cops.”
    WTF? Can’t carry on Saturday?
    Never Mind. New York City.

  13. There are different levels of gun permit in NYC. He probably has a Limited Carry Business License.

    RESTRICTED TYPE OF LICENSE. The licensee may only carry handguns
    indicated on the license in accordance with the specific limitations
    listed thereon. At all other times the weapon must be safeguarded within
    the confines of the business address listed on the front of the license
    either concealed on the licensee’s person in a proper holster or stored
    unloaded in a locked safe.

    There are other types that would not have limits. I suppose it is a choice he made.

  14. That’s injustice right there. A man gets arrested for self defense while the kids who attacks the store are let free. The kids were at fault from the start and even made threats and racist slurs, how were they let go just like that and an innocent man trying to defend his store gets in trouble.

  15. If anything I believe that they should let the shop owner go and attempt to go after the kids for fooling around and loitering within the Hanna deli. If they are causing him trouble and constantly go into the store not buying anything and not listening to the man when he tells them to leave then the owner will just have to show them that he is not playing. Some kids these days believe that they can do what they want and when they want even to adults, this man showed them their place. Yes it was wrong to wave a gun at the adolescents but if the man has to constantly put up with this treatment from them then I see it as just to scare them away.

  16. So apparently defending your business from a couple of punks with no respect is a crime even though the gun is licensed and the punks where trying to shoplift, and whats even better is these punks have been doing this for a while but police still cant find the culprits even though there is camera footage…Wow what an amazing justice system we have today. I hope everything goes well for this man.

  17. Honestly the cops are clearly in the wrong. The store owner was clearly just trying to protect himself. Cops, in this neighborhood in particular, are extremely slow and just uncaring and something needs to be done.

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