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Stoop Stories: Joann From Bensonhurst


Bensonhurst locals are a colorful bunch. It’s time someone took notice. This is us, taking notice.

Joann from Bensonhurst is a real tough cookie. This mom and housewife has been telling it like it is in her own Youtube webisode series after a fortunate encounter with a news producer who needed someone to fill a spot for a segment. She dishes out advice on everything from cheating spouses to traditional Italian meatball recipes, and she never bites her tongue.

Viewers love her salt of the earth attitude. She has over 309 thousand hits on her Youtube videos and soon, Joann may be getting her own TV show.

We sat her down for a few questions. Lets see what Joann has to say.

Bensonhurst Bean: Where did you grow up?
Joann from Bensonhurst: I grew up in Corona, Queens.

BB: Why did you move to Bensonhurst?
JFB: I moved to Bensonhurst when I got married in 1978.

BB: How did you become “Joanne from Bensonhurst?”
JFB: When they asked me to do the first City Rant they said to close with my name. I said, I didn’t want to give my full name. So I said ‘JoAnn from Bensonhurst.’

BB: Why do you think people want to hear your advice on everything from Marinara sauce to catching a cheating spouse?
JFB: I guess it’s the spin I put on it, my own words.

BB: What makes someone a real Brooklynite?
JFB: You gotta love where you live and the way we “tawk” and say “cawfee.”

BB: Are you anti-hipsters?
JFB: I love everyone whoever the hell they are.

BB: What do you think of those other housewife, mob wife reality shows?
JFB: They are not f*cking housewives. A housewife is someone who takes care of buisness at home, cooks, cleans, shops for food, dishes, laundry all the dirty stuff. They just hire people to do for them. It’s also someone who is married!

BB: How does a woman know if her guy is “the one?”
JFB: You know he’s the one cause he completes you in everyway at least that’s what you think before you marry him, than it’s too late. Than you work on it. It may take decades but you keep plugging away.

BB: What makes your meatballs better than someone else’s meatballs?
JFB: I cook with love and pleasure so my meatballs are not angry balls they are love lumps.

BB: What’s bugging you these days?
JFB: “Mayo” Bloomberg burns my a**. He’s got balls as big as the country is wide. He now thinks he’s a nutrionist. He’s not Dr. Oz. He has some nerve telling us how much soda we should or should not drink. He should fill the cracks in our streets, clean up the trains, work on the drug epidemic. The title mayor went to his head. He thinks he’s above all of us.

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  1. I LOVE JoAnn! I rarely disagree with this feisty intelligent outspoken woman! She is so sincere and entertaining… JoAnn is what a housewife is supposed to be. Go JoAnn!!

  2. Mostly sterotypical drivel, and fodder for the cluless, New York Times! Moved to Bensonhurst in 1978?! Some questions?! What do Peter Max, Robert Nardelli, Maurice Sendak, Paul Sorvino, Sandy Koufax, Vic Damone, Larry Miller, Sam DeLuca, and to some extent, Carl Sagan and Sandford Weill have in common? Where did some of the most gorgeous and stunning ladies in America grow up, without having to resort to wearing five inch heels, and fake nails, to get noticed? What positive thing was Lafayette High School known for besides being a fine High School, with excellent sports teams, in the 1940’s 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s? Clue: It wasn’t during the regular academic year! Oh, and that Famous! Tell us about that! Mr. Schweiger, the noted Brooklyn historian, is also essentially clueless, about the essence of Bensonurst too, and might need a helper. Just beware, he protects his job, like our know it all, Boston mayor?! Lol PS And the tatoos, of course, what US Naval Ship did he serve on?! Lol! For full disclosure, it would be helpful to now translate this into Chinese and Russian, but that might be a moot point, cause our new comrades are too busy enjoying their new found paradise, to read this blog! But, as the question stated, WHY did you move to Bensonhurst?

  3. Joann is a housewife and a good one, if some ceo’s would run their companies the way Joann runs her household, there finances would be in place,everything would be done in time and the company would be spotless :)) just saying