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Starbucks Coming To Kings Highway

New Starbucks coming to 1417 Kings Highway. (Photo by Ned Berke)

All the jokes made about a new Starbucks opening have probably been told time and time again, but the best one belongs to The Simpsons (as a Simpson, I admit full Simpson bias in this regard). In my short quest to find the clip I was thinking of, I discovered that the only version of it on YouTube is one with poorly dubbed Russian plastered on top of it, which is, of course, perfect for Sheepshead Bites.

Anyway, we came across this new Starbucks being built at 1417 Kings Highway in the place of a GNC. Great, I guess.

I haven’t been to Starbucks in years. Do they still have those ice-blended green tea lattes? Mmm… ice-blended green tea lattes…

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  1. I’m blessed in never having developed a taste for coffee, but I was drinking too much of their hot chocolate for awhile. Dunkin Donuts’ is too sweet. I guess a Starbucks is good in the winter, ya roamin around, nothing to do but think of Fermat’s Last Theorem, or what to add to one’s porn collection, so you pop in there, make believe you’re cool years after it’s cool to be drinking a Starbucks.

    Amazing there’s none in the Bay. How is the neighborhood keeping it out?

  2. I wonder what kind of psychos this place is going to attract, unless those said psychos are gonna stay with DND.

  3. decent coffee at the newsstand next to DD. Most people wouldn’t look twice, but it somewhat strong and they have skim milk.

  4. Amazing coffee on Kings Hwy can be found at the Gourmet Food Store near the train station. Coffee is delicious!

  5. I think it is great that it and the Vitamin shoppe is opening. We are loosing McDonald’s and need a place to have a good cup of coffee. To many Dunkin Donuts on KingsHighway
    No place to sit at the other two places mentioned but it is good coffee

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