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Study: Speeding Is Worst In Brooklyn


Here’s a story that I think most area residents can file under “No shit.” Still, while we knew the truth through our own experience, there’s now some data that proves Brooklyn has some of the city’s most reckless drivers.

WNYC is reporting that a study conducted by Transportation Alternatives (TA) found 88 percent of Brooklyn drivers broke the speed the limit. As a result of practically everyone in Brooklyn gunning it up and down the avenues, traffic deaths in Brooklyn rank the highest citywide.

We previously reported on the crazy speeding statistics that placed the 61st Precinct, which includes Sheepshead Bay, as the second most ticketed area in all of Brooklyn. As a result of all the lead-footed driving, traffic deaths have ballooned and a political battle has broken out between lawmakers looking to solve the problem. As politicians remain gridlocked over the issue of installing speed enforcement cameras citywide, Juan Martinez, a TA representative, put the speeding problem in stark terms.

“Speeding is the number one cause of death in traffic. Speeding drivers kill more New Yorkers than drunk drivers and drivers on cell phones combined,” Martinez told WNYC. According to a New York Daily News report, 79 people died in crashes in Brooklyn in 2011 (the most recent available data), eclipsing Queens (67), the Bronx (65), Manhattan (45) and Staten Island (12).

The most dangerous roads in Brooklyn include Kent Avenue in Williamsburg and Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge where cars are routinely clocked at 60 mph, twice the legal limit. Despite all the twisted metal and carnage, State Senator Marty Golden remained adamant in his opposition to speed enforcement cameras.

“Cameras won’t stop speeding in New York,” Golden told the Daily News. “You need a combination of things … speeding zones by schools, more stop signs.”

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  1. Transportation Alternatives is a group of severely mentally ill Luddites who despise any and all form of transportation that do not revolve around feet and massively subsidized, mass transit. Many of these lunatics obsess over truck delivery, even to supermarkets, and want their loading areas placed in other neighborhoods with the goods carried by Sherpas and sled dogs.

    Transportation Alternatives see anyone driving a car as a personal affront and anyone driving a car faster than a bicyclist can pedal is OBVIOUSLY SPEEDING.

    They and their followers are absolutely deranged, any “study” coming from them has zero validity and neutrality. They are works of fiction. A sane society cannot give any relevance to the ideas put forth by the uncompromising insane.

    This group treats every accident involving a car as a murder or attempted murder. Maybe if the Luddites who wear their ipods blaring everywhere while text
    messaging to their facebook accounts instead of paying attention while
    crossing busy city streets, there would be far less accidents involving
    Speed Limits are set too low, by at least 10MPH for the roads.

  2. The vast majority of accidents that I’ve seen involving bicycles occured because a bicyclist attempted to pass a car on the right while they were making a turn. It would also do pedestrians a lot of good if they would clear out of the intersection when the hand starts flashing instead of clogging the crosswalk for the full cycle forcing drivers to take chances to ever get through. Change those two things and I guarantee you bicycle and pedestrian injuries would be reduced by several orders of magnitude. You might even calm drivers down a little bit.

  3. @ lynchingsforliberals
    You are absolutely
    right. These bastards trying to take away our freedom of driving and make a
    driving stressful experience. I personally rely on my car to feed my family to
    get to places and get things done. Relying on damn public transportation not
    always a smart idea, especially on damn weekends. Speed limits should not be
    lowered. Instead this special group of morons should concentrate on all road
    conditions that cause accidents and by lunatics that busy with their
    smartphones while crossing roads when its not their light. By narrowing down roads
    these sons of bitches cause make a very good driver look like he/she driving
    reckless. I absolutely agree while you
    drive you MUST not text and should be
    issued a ticket for that because you are causing a potential harm everyone
    around you….Last thing is DAMN Bicycles find a park and ride your bike there.

  4. I would venture to guess that the SB Area is 2nd in large part because of KCC. The entire area can be downright daunting on a school day, esp. just before 9AM as the latecomers assume speed demon velocity to get to class on time (or late). It’s bad the rest of the day as well. Just a thought.

  5. I was thinking the same thing. With picnic tables in the middle of streets, bicycle lanes narrowing lanes and adding to congestion as more and more restrictions, nonsensical turn limits, cameras and bus lanes make it absolutely maddening. How many more accidents have occurred because of Khan’s lunatic ideas of putting planters in the middle of streets blocking visibility?

    The more they “calm” traffic and add ridiculous pedestrian plazas in the middle of vital streets, the more insane and dangerous the streets become. Driving through Manhattan now is like driving through the mind of a senile madman.

    The safest roads are the ones that allow for quick access. With lunatics who have no concept in what goes into bringing them their lattes, organic apples and ipads dictating street usage and capital improvements, this is what we get.

    Never believe statistics coming from these groups. Many years ago I worked for a Left Wing Special Interest group and learned first hand how they can skew data and affect influence upon politicians by convincing them of their ideas and how they are representative of a far larger phantom constituency. As most opposition never even knows about the “advocacy” and pay little attention to planning, it is easy for them to put out this garbage and find all too willing politicians to support their ideas.

    If you want to see the insanity of Transportation Alternatives and their vocal followers:

    The comments are particularly indicative of advanced mental illness.

  6. 88% of drivers speeding means absolutely nothing because someone going 32 mph in a 30 mph zone is treated the same as someone doing 60 in a 30 mph zone. If they measured drivers going 10 mph or more over the limit their numbers would probably drop to below 50%. They are publicizing the 88% number just to get people to support cameras which only will accomplish increasing revenue by giving everyone fines.

    In many cases it is perfectly safe to drive 10 mph over the limit and in others you should travel way below the speed limit. Regarding the speed limit as some magical number is totally ridiculous when it is just an average number because te city doesn’t want to spend money for additional signage to have realistic limits for each street.

    People just need to use common sense when driving and the accident rate would plummet. People ignore speed limits because there are too many cases of unrealistically low speed limits like where the limits are lowered one mile before a work zone begins or stay up for three months after the work is completed.

  7. Ahh.. but in Liberal Utopias, there is no “Common Sense”. That is too dangerous to think for ones self.

  8. First of all, please hire better educated writers or at least better proofreaders. In the headline, the word should be worse, not worst! That kind of nasty grammar makes your publication look bad. Anyway…I live in Gravesend where animals and people are killed by speeders just speeding for the hell of it. And they’re not dropping off or picking up their kids. They just do it for fun. I see it every single day.

  9. You are 100% on this one. The last time i drive the speed limit was when i took my drivers test. There is nothing dangerous about driving 35 on Ocean Ave if you are paying attention and not eating and texting at the same time.

  10. Thank you for your sane and straight
    forward thinking. I read that blog you mentioned its insane how these morons are driven to make things horrible for drivers.
    I am sure there are more working families and individuals who are oppose to this madness but our voices not heard. I don’t understand that why these so called lunatics have more influence then I and my wife who work very hard..She is a NP and I am IT person

  11. Willie has a very expensive education, actually. And mine is even more expensive. And I graduated with highest honors, wouldn’t you believe it?

    Anyway, one uses worst to state that one thing is inferior to multiple other things. Brooklyn is inferior to the (multiple) other boroughs when it comes to speeding. The only grammatical error is that “worst” ought to be preceded by “the” as in “the worst.” But since it’s a headline we have license to drop definite and indefinite articles, as is common practice.

    Regardless, sometimes we make mistakes. But our editorial department is essentially a two man shop working on a shoe string budget. I think we do a better job in the grammar department than this multi-million dollar operation with a full newsroom and copyediting staff:

  12. Ned …i f#$%ucking love it…you said it how it is…. I think we do a better job in the grammar department than this multi-million dollar operation with a full newsroom and copyediting staff: That’s why you reside in sheepshead bay and that’s why your blog is doing so well with our community…

  13. I believe that 35 is safe in the center lane and even 40 is safe too if there are few cars around, but you really shouldn’t go more than 30 in the parking lane because something can always come out unexpectedly from between the parked cars and you won’t be able to stop or swerve in time.

  14. So we are on the same page. At 30 or 35 its not going to make a difference if someone t-bones you by running a red or a ped jumping in front of you out of nowhere. I think at this point someone needs to look into passing some new laws. Only one car per household with a max speed of 30 on the street and 50 on the highway electronically controlled by sensors all over the city. No more lambos or bimmers that can go 150mph. Who in this day and age needs multiple cars with high speed capability? “If there’s even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try”.

  15. What a lovely Progressive Communist idea. No one “needs” this or that and “we” need more laws to proscribe what “we” need. When America was still America, people like you would have been run out on a rail – This WAS a Free Country, but thanks to quaint ideas like yours, we are now a Third World Nation of dysfunctional mentally ill potentates.

    The Chinese have a “one per household” law too. The Germans in WWII had plenty of laws too. Everyone should be fitted for their Star and their car.

  16. Avenue Z is like a late night Grand Prix of the fast and the furious. It’s dark and badly lit in some spots and half the drivers are blasting their radios trying to beat the next traffic light. Wake up people.

  17. You have obviously never read any of my previous comments on here. Do you know what sarcasm is. But i like where your heads at.

  18. Put the lights in sync during the day. Let people be able to drive a half mile without having to stop every two blocks. Want to cure the idiot behavior at night? Flash the lights yellow to signal caution between East 12th and East 19th. Then these clowns won’t have a game to play.

  19. As others have said, this organization only cares about cyclist. Someone going 31 MPH is seen as speeding by these clowns. Wouldn’t surprise me if all these traffic lights are put up because somebody was going 33 MPH and these cyclist loving clowns are in charge of where they are placed. Bloomberg and Khan have given them an extreme sense of entitlement and pondered to their every wish. I sincerely hope the next mayor returns the roads to the way they were. Get rid of ALL the planters and ALL the ISLANDS. These are dangerous for drivers, emergency vehicles and pedestrians alike. Get rid of the chairs and pedestrian malls. Return West 6th street to two lanes. Return Gerritsen Avenue to 2 lanes. Return the merge from Knapp to Gerritsen to a left turn from both lanes. Keep 4th Avenue as 3 lanes. Stop wasting money on the ridiculous belt parkway project. Put traffic lights in sync. When I say in sync I mean they all turn green at once, not timed to keep drivers at 15-20 MPH. GET RID OF ALL THOSE SPEED BUMPS. GET RID OF THE 20 MPH school zones. If a driver hits a pedestrian, suspend his license, alert all 50 states not to allow them to apply for a license. Anything over 11 MPH results in a fine that becomes heftier depending on how much faster they were going. 20 MPH over the limit take their car. Mulitiple accidents? Can’t drive anywhere for the amount of years = to MPH over speed limit.

  20. Brooklyn is the worst . This all happened on the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Kingshighway within one light change. A truck cut off a bus. He went really far from the Chase bank to the Dress barn. Then the bus passed the light. Then a woman who baby threw a bottle out of the carriage proceed to leave the carriage in the street rather than on the sidewalk so she could rescue the bottle. Word to parents why do you put the baby carriage in the street when waiting to cross then stay on the sidewalk yourself.

  21. I always wonder why myself.. It looks like they push the carriage out far enough to see if someone will hit it…I always would step out first and pull carriage behind,,,,,

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