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Speed Enforcement Camera “Lite” May Pass Muster

Source: NYC DOT
Source: NYC DOT

The proposed installation of speed enforcement cameras across the city has been touted by some legislators and opposed by others, but now there is a chance that a slimmed down version of the plan has a chance of actually happening. Streetsblog is reporting that legislation to install cameras in school zones might have enough support to pass.

The battle over installing a network of speed enforcement cameras across the city has been between politicians like Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who believes it’s a common sense measure that will cut down on accidents and hit-and-runs, and politicians like State Senator Marty Golden, who believes that the cameras will make mistakes and also serve as an excuse to cut cop jobs. A deal to approve the cameras was nixed when Bloomberg refused to back funding that would pay for private Yeshiva busing in the districts of Golden and State Senator Simcha Felder.

Now, a new deal might get passed that is significantly less extensive then a comprehensive citywide installation of cameras. Under the new legislation, only 20 cameras would be installed and only in school zones and would only be active one hour before and after the school day starts and ends. Fines for drivers caught on the cameras would be $50 and they would receive no points on their licenses. While limited, proponents of speed enforcement cameras see this legislation as a necessary first step.

“What we are doing is getting our foot in the door. This is the start of the program,” Transportation Alternatives general counsel Juan Martinez told Streets Blog. “The key is to get the authorization so we can start eliminating these needless deaths.”

While Golden has not yet thrown his support behind the new measure, Martinez believes there is hope that he will change his mind on this slimmed down version of the legislation.

“He’s been on the right side of these issues for a long time,” Martinez told Streets Blog. “I think he gets the speeding issue.”

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  1. What good is installing speed cameras in school zones going to do? I’m not saying we shouldn’t protect children. But realistically school is a part time place. In session generally from 7am-5pm Monday-Friday. If you are really serious about safety you would place these things on coney island avenue or Ocean Parkway where they are actually needed as an example. What is the threshold for these cameras? 20 MPH is too damn slow for a car. Cars are not bikes. This idea was in the heads of Bloomberg and Khan before it became public. It was always how can we grab more money off of motorist since I didn’t get my congestion pricing scheme? Lower the speed limit by 10 MPH in certain spots around schools picked at random by throwing a dart at a neighborhood map, claim it’s for children’s safety, install speed cameras and make those motorist pay darely for going 30-35 MPH where for years it was perfectly fine. They should also make sure they target fairly. Drivers and cyclist alike. Of course we all know cyclist will get a free pass. This is nothing short of a money grab from motorist. Anyone who votes for this is a damn fool. Go back to the damn drawing board and stop wasting money.

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