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Speak Like a Squirrel (And Then Get Rid of Them)


If you learn what a squirrel is talking about, will you be able to outsmart it? Probably not, but there’s a pretty interesting article in the Washington Post today that give meaning to squirrel noises, so if they’re digging up your bulbs or scampering around your attic, at least you can try to discern all those squeaks.

And if they are making a racket inside your home, or while they’re attacking your garden? You Bet Your Garden has some tips for squirrel control, and here are a couple of area pest control services that I’ve seen recommended in a few places:

Kingsway Exterminators
2216 Flatbush Avenue

Five Star Pest Control
1310 52nd Street

If you’ve worked with either company, or you have another one to recommend, or you’ve managed to keep the beasts away from your bulbs, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. The squirrels are quite smart.  We have one that torments our dog, hopping from branch to roof and back again just to get our dog crazed!

  2. How do I tell them in squirrel to leave my property so that I don’t have to trap them and relocate them to distant points as I did to their relatives?  I’m tired of trapping and transporting these pests.  Once we can communicate I can advise them to go west where the streets are paved with acorns.

  3. We had problems w/ them getting into the spaces b/t the floors in our house….Kingsway is reasonably priced and will get them out, but if there is soft wood, or really, any exposed wood that they set their sights on, they will chew through it.  The only way to really get rid of them is to cover any parts that they want to chew w/ metal, or roofing material, or something that they can’t chew through…..

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