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Cindy Lou Who

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Now, some of the stories you may have missed:

Meet the talented neighbors behind the terrific Holiday Light Spectacular.

• Welcome to Brooklyn, controversial sculpture Civic Virtue!

• Speaking of statues: the best places in the area to see the Statue of Liberty.

• Start saving up now for the MTA fare increase, coming in March.

• In happier MTA news, the R train is running through the tunnel again!

• Is widespread South Slope gentrification inevitable?

• New in the area: a Greek food cart, and a Turkish restaurant.

• Best-of lists have begun, and we’re racking up top spots: The Owl Farm, Soigne, and Sea Witch.

• Still need gifts? Try A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn, which has more than just sneakers.

• The world didn’t end, but neighbors had ideas for what they’d do if was going to.

• The kids at P.S. 124 are psyched about their laptop upgrades.

• Finally, these are not your mother’s Christmas wreaths.

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