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South Brooklyn Pizza On Avenue U To Become Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe


Grandpa's Pizza Storefront

South Brooklyn Pizza opened in March 2013 and it was so new to the area that most of you probably won’t mourn the passing of the “pizzaiolo.”

A new pizzeria called Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe will take over the 2224 Avenue U storefront, and a sign says it’s “coming soon.”

We’ve wondered before if that corner location is cursed. Before South Brooklyn Pizza, there was Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant, which was also short-lived. Before that, there was Tai Yuan, which was open for only a few weeks. Tai Shan preceded that – again, surviving only a few months. By our count, it’s been five different businesses in as many years.

Thanks to Randy C. for sending us the photo and tip.

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  1. It’s got the Kruger curse. For years it sat catercorner to his office . Then Storobin took the office space, and put his own bad energy into it.

    Perhaps an exorcism might help.

  2. I think perhaps that block doesn’t get enough foot traffic for a pizza place. Unless whomever moves in really wows the neighborhood with quality and service and makes most of their money via delivery.

    I was sad that Calabrese closed. I ate there shortly after it opened and posted a yelp review. I wasn’t to impressed with the slice. The owner replied and invited me back saying that they had changed the recipe. I never made it back to try again but the fact that he responded in such a positive way made me really want the place to succeed.

  3. There a place on the corner of ?East 23rd and U?. I was in there once. The pizza wasn’t that good and it was the middle of summer – no A/C. Maybe pizza places on that end of Avenue U are no good! Just thinkin………..

  4. Area is very quiet and tucked away. With rising rents they need far more foot traffic. The Captain video/Hy Friedman complex further up has sat vacant for ages and is another example of this.

    The Thai place a few years ago before the pizzeria was great though!

  5. I live in the area and have found all 4-5 places in that vicinity average at best…Ave X pizza and grill used to be great a year ago and had a $9 dollar large pie deal but then they went back to $14 dollar a pizza and quality became cheap looking and taste went downhill. South brooklyn had potential but found it average at best…and then they were charging $3 a slice which I found to be suprising considering most places charge 2.50 for a regular. I also saw they had a ‘grade pending..or maybe a C at one time? I think they are rebranding themselves to avoid their poor showing or maybe to charge more..especially when you call yourself a ‘cafe’?

  6. No, they are new owners. I think the cafe reflects that they offer other besides pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, fresh-baked goods, etc. I liked it.

  7. Well grandpa pizza café didn’t last long. they closed down and YET a 3rd or 4th pizza place has popped up in its place. Very bizarre continuing to put place and after place and hoping something sticks. Is this corner cursed :>

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