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So You Want To Barbecue At Prospect Park: Rules & Guidelines


Prospect Park BBQ credit Piotr Redlinski/The New York Times

Hey, we’ve got a holiday weekend coming up! Arguably the very best holiday weekend, even. Labor Day? Big whoop. Memorial Day is where it’s at. And what better way to kickoff the summer than by gathering friends and family, and grilling up some burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob at Prospect Park? But before you pack up your coolers and head over, brush up on the Park’s rules and guidelines:

Barbecuing is only permitted in designated areas.
Open fires, ground fires, and propane use are prohibited.
Tents and canopies are not permitted.
Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from trees and overhead branches.
Fires must be contained in grills that are raised at least two feet above the ground.
Do not use trash barrels or picnic tables as grill stands.
Do not move picnic tables.
Clean up afterward. Don’t dump hot coal or ashes at the base of a tree, on the ground, or in the Lake. Instead, deposit in Hot Coal Bins, or wrap extinguished coals in foil and leave in a trash can.

Keep in mind that groups of more than twenty people require permits (which take at least 30 days to procure), so if you’re working with a large crowd, either make some cuts or hope for the best. Remember: no picnicking on paths, in parking lots, on ballfields, directly under trees or shelters, in playgrounds, or in Park facilities. For designated picnic and barbecue areas, check out the Park map below.

Prospect Park BBQ Areas

Photo credit Piotr Redlinski/The New York Times; map via Prospect Park

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