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Snowtastrophe 2010: Sheepshead Bay Road In Photos


I went down Sheepshead Bay Road this morning to get a better gauge of how the blizzard had affected the neighborhood’s commercial centers. What I saw wasn’t pretty. Scratch that, it was very pretty, but it didn’t say much for how our city handled the storm. And, if the reports I’m hearing from neighbors across Sheepshead Bay, the problems documented here are commonplace.

For starters, almost nothing was plowed. Streets that had been plowed were done long before the snow stopped falling. It meant giant mounds of snow left to the side of the street, but still unnavigable roadways, like this one:

Of course, it’s hard to plow the roads when Sanitation Department plows are stuck in thick patches. Like this one we saw on Jerome Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road, which a business owner told us had been there a few hours.

And if the plows got stuck, you know tons of cars did, too:

And let’s just say we hope the criminals are too cold to come out of hiding, because the police are stuck, too. This patrol car was just left in the middle of the street:

People were walking in the streets, stumbling between abandoned cars left and right; it’s probably the closest we’ve been to a zombie apocalypse in recent years. That’s because most business owners haven’t yet shoveled off their properties. Some were working on it:

While others didn’t even bother trying:

A handful of businesses, to their credit, did manage to get it done early on. Among them are Tete a Tete cafe on East 14th Street and Sheepshead Bay Road, and Jonathan’s Bakery on East 15th Street and Sheepshead Bay Road. The owner of Jonathan’s Bakery, Alex, told us he came in at 2 a.m. to get the work done:

So what to expect? Well, don’t look for buses any time soon. With the bus stops like this and the streets unplowed, we’re guessing we won’t see regular bus service restored until Wednesday or Thursday. We’ve even heard of several buses left abandoned in the middle of the street, including one stretched across Nostrand Avenue.

Here are two more shots that we don’t have much to say about, but we liked them and wanted to include them anyway:

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Mayor Mike “I can’t do anything wrong” Bloomberg can’t get the city cleaned this time– Remember Mayor Lindsey!!!!

  2. I think they call this “being caught with your pants down”. The city was definitely caught with it’s pants down this time around.

  3. Markowitz was on TV complaining that he’s heard from across the borough that most streets in Brooklyn have not been plowed and are clogged.

  4. Bloomberg just announced at 1:30 on Channel 2 that all the major arterials have been cleared while in the background they showed a Channel 2 truck driving down an unplowed Kings Highway. Guess any street not in Manhattan isn’t an arterial.

  5. Anything outside Mayor Moneybags’ beloved Manhattan is not to him a major arterial road.

    Quentin Road between Flatbush and Nostrand is clogged with cars left in the middle of the street. The side streets are totally clogged with dunes of snow. From family, Stuart Street opposite Marine Park is filled with 5-7 foot drifts. Not sure how a plow could get down such streets.

  6. Marty Markowitz is also a useless puppet also!!! Why does it continue on as the borough president??? For 8 freakin’ years????

  7. I just walked out of my apartment on ocean avenue. i think mayor mike was correct. things must have been clear. i must have imagined the City Bus plowed into a snow bank on ocean avenue off AVenue Z in front of the Bagel Store, and i definitely, must have imagined that second bus, stuck in the snow in front of the Bodega/Deli on Avenue Z off the Corner of Ocean Avenue. And, Mayor Mike, how about the City Subways, they were running great. Unless you live in Sheepshead Bay, where nothing still is running at 3pm. Didn’t a former mayor’s political career end because he could not clear the snow (in Queens)? How can Bloomie run for President, if he cannot even handle a snow storm?

  8. I don’t get it. All I heard yesterday was how many plows are ready and how many tons of salt is available. What happened no order to actually execute snow removal?
    Now, can you put up or shut up MIKE?
    Allanb, I really have no wish to see Bloomie with his pants down. Ya’ think they are blue??

  9. Wow, walk down Avenue X from McDonald ave. to Ocean Pkwy, or the other way around, and you’ll be able to count nine buses stuck, in addition to a Yellow Taxi on the sidewalk by PS 216, a ConEd truck, and one of those ready and able DSNY plows/salt trucks, which can’t get through because of all the others…

  10. Let’s be fair to the Mayor. He not only has to clear the streets he has to clear all those bike lanes he made. That will take extra time. Besides, all those street calming islands and lanes have slowed down the frantic pace and so the plows must operate at a more reasonable speed. If we had put tolls on the free bridges I’m sure all that extra money would be used to airlift snow off the streets in no time. Fortunately our tax rates will be reduced by 2% next week so we can all jet to the Caribbean until the snow melts.

  11. Bloomberg doesn’t give a shit about anything unless it’s in Manhattan. Tomorrow when I go to work, midtown Manhattan will look like it barely snowed. God forbid the tourists should be inconvenienced and not spend money during the holiday season! Meanwhile, Sheepshead Bay streets are a disaster. And don’t even get me started on the fact that so many homeowners don’t even shovel their sidewalks ever! There’s a law on the books stating that you can be fined for not shoveling your property (business or residential) after six hours when the snow ends. They could make a fortune in revenue in this neighborhood fining people if that were strictly adhered to.

  12. Hopefully Bloomturd’s beloved Times Square pedestrian plazas are cleared and the tourists can frolic on the lawn furniture. Plus Mayor Moneybags has his plane fueled up for a trip to his private Bermuda estate. Might be a problem getting through that outer boro route, but screw the taxpayers.

    Aslo-brilliant move to demote Sanitation guys and play games with their OT, fresh off his CityTime cronies scamming the city out of $80 million. And getting rid of the city’s 4 WD SUV fleet in favor of hybrids. The hybrids make great road cones on a day like today, which is good when they get stuck-as they have. I thought he was a mangerial genius.

  13. The Streets throughout Brooklyn were backed up with broken down and stuck cars of epic proportions. I have Lived in Brooklyn my whole life and have never seen such chaos on the roads. I returned home from Upstate New York and got to Manhattan in 3 Hours. It took me 5 Hours to get from the Manhattan Bridge to Sheepshead Bay only to find my street (Emmons) with six foot drifts in the the middle of the street! The snow plows were stuck, incredible. My car is now parked in the middle of Emmons Ave., I hope I don’t get towed!

  14. Just had a truck drive by the parking lot that is Ocean Ave btw Kings and Ave P. This is the second time the street was “cleaned”.
    Dont get why Brooklyn gets the short end of the stick end we pay our taxs just like everyone else.
    Is it me or are all the new stations covering up that fact that Brooklyn was left for dead.

  15. in 1995 or 1996, we had more snow, and there was still some bus service and all the streets got plowed. My street still has not been plowed!

  16. As of 3pm this afternoon 4th Avenue and 14th Avenue Belt Pkwy entrances were not plowed and unusable. I had to take Cropsey to Bay Pkwy and enter the Belt there. 86th Street was blocked by several sanitation trucks stuck in snow @ 15th Ave. Tonight I saw a sanitation truck stuck at the corner of Bedford and east-bound Shore Pkwy. Another sanitation truck was trying to push the stuck one to no avail.

  17. Except for essential services, what part of the Mayor’s announcement to not use our cars, unless an extreme emergency did all these knuckleheads not understand? There are just too many self righteous people in this city that have a “me first” attitude, that is at the core of the problem we have with our streets now. The city did get caught with their panties in a bunch, but according to the weather services, this was one of the heaviest snowfalls in the shortest amount of time. You can have 50 inches, but if it takes 3 days to fall, you can stay on top of it. 20-30 inches in under 24 hours is a tuff nut to keep up with. Most stories of stuck cars began around 730pm on Sunday. So it seems that the snow became unpassable, just 10 hours after starting. That is a lot of snow coming down.

  18. What about the bike lanes? Maybe the people screaming for bikers rights can get the streets plowed, or are they obsolete the next few months?

  19. What’s with the hate on bike lanes? Are the bikers standing on the road preventing the roads from being plowed? Or do you see sanitation workers painting bike lanes instead of plowing? Am I missing something here?

  20. Yes, you are missing something. I do not hate all bike lanes. There is some really stupid placement of such lanes all over Brooklyn. I will not begin to list my observations. My point is they can not be used. If at the most SOME lanes might occupied by messengers or delivery people. Again on some avenues parking has been pushed into the middle of the street. Who is riding on Kent Avenue now?

  21. PS, I have driven to Williamsburg from Sheepshead Bay. Not on a snowy day, just cold, I might have seen 6-8 riders in the bike lane. In fact I saw more riders on the sidewalk. Bedford Ave. all the way. In the summer yes, winter give it back.

  22. What does that have to do with this snow storm. But using your same argument of usage, it is ok that South Brooklyn is ignored on the plowing. I mean compared to the people that live, work and visit Manhattan, there is a small number of people in Brooklyn. How many people really need to get around some of these streets in Brooklyn. The priority should be on only the places that see a lot of traffic.

  23. People are cleaning their driveways dumping all the snow into the middle of the street and blocking themselves in. If most would have waited maybe the plows would have come by today and now its impossible to get onto side streets for any vehicle. Now these people have clean driveways with no where to go and with 6′ by 6′ piles of snow in the streets its going to take a few more days until the streets are cleaned.

  24. Kings Highway between atleast Nostrand AVE and West 7th hasn’t been plowed and is littered with b82 busses. The same goes for the side streets in between. All the West blocks all, the East blocks haven’t seen one plow. And because people have shoveled out their driveways and walks, all that snow has ended up in the street where some of the hills are as high as 6 feet. What happened to the plows plowing DURING the storm to minimize build up??

  25. OK, Matt. You asked why I was hateful. I answered you.
    What started this was my comment, sorry I hit a nerve.

  26. Marty Markowitz just confirmed (on ABC) what everyone must realize by now — the pre-salting of the roads the night before the blizzard struck never happened and the fault lies somewhere in the Sanitation Dept.

  27. Did anyone see a single Access a Ride any time today? I had an official snow day Monday, worked home today (not preauthorized) and considering what to do tomorrow. Access a Ride operators claim they’re running, but they’re the same people who tell you you have a 10 minute wait that turns out to be 120 minutes. On a good day.

  28. I did not see one single Access a Ride. Lots of stuck or blocked ambulances.
    That’s another thing the city should do, review Access a Ride. I have used my cell phone dozens of times for people left stranded. They tell them take a car service and we will reimburse you. One woman said if I had money for car service I would not be using Access a Ride. PS the Dr she was seeing sent her home in a cab.

  29. I have lived in Sheepshead for over 50 years and I have never seen the streets this bad after a snowstorm. Also, the B and Q trains not running for 3 days now is barely mentioned on the local TV news. Myself, as well as my kids, haven’t been able to get to work, and we don’t receive any money for staying home, unlike some people. So, Mr. Mayor, make sure that Times Square is all set up for your big bash on New Years Eve and screw the outer boroughs. It’s not like you have to worry about re-election.

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