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39 Photos From This Year’s 86th Street Festival

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

We couldn’t have asked for better street fair weather this Sunday, June 12, and neighbors turned out in droves for the 86th Street Festival.

Thousands attended the massive flea market which takes place under the D line tracks each summer, on second Sunday after Memorial Day.

Corn dogs, arepas, and zeppoles were consumed, rides were rode, moon bounces bounced, and great deals were found by all. Vendors peddled marked-down sunglasses, t-shirts, art, perfumes, books, watches, $10 shoes, jewelry, dream catchers, statues, precious stones, and cotton candy bigger than your head. Shoppers also had a chance to try samples from new 86th Street cafes, and masseuses  helped festival goers de-stress with free massages.

Cops from the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct were on hand to keep the peace, and the festival went on as planned from 10am until 5pm. Here are some photos from the event taken by yours truly, and submitted by our readers.

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