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Smashed Car Window On Cortelyou Road



This has not been a good week when it comes to crime in our neighborhood.

First, a neighbor contacted us about her bike being stolen outside the MetFoods on Cortelyou Road, then another neighbor told us she was attacked in Prospect Park yesterday morning, and today we spotted this smashed window at Cortelyou Road and Coney Island Avenue.

According to the most recent statistics from the 70th Precinct, there have been 894 petit larceny reports so far this year – an increase over last year’s 876. During the week of August 11 to August 17 (the most recent time for which there are statistics available), there were 34 reports of petit larceny – a 13.3 percent jump over last year’s 30.

Misdemeanor assault is also on the rise this year, with 485 reports of it as of August 17. There were 466 reports of misdemeanor assault at this time last year.

Other crimes in the precinct have decreased, with one murder being reported so far this year, compared to four last year. Rape, too, is down, going form 17 last year to 10 this year. There have been 208 reports of robbery so far this year, and last year there were 180. Burglaries have dipped from 194 last year to 175 this year.

Felony assault, however, has risen, with 188 reports of if this year – last year there were 169. And there’s been a slight uptick in grand larceny, with 439 reports of this year, compared to 432 last year.

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  1. Did this person bother to report the smashed window… When this happened to me, I called the police and they *never* *ever* came. I waited 4-1/2 hours. Called to “check in” every hour or so… Finally called and told them not to bother. Good way to keep crime rates down! (or at least crime statistics) :-/

  2. Well, maybe the uptick in crime stats is actually a good thing… maybe it means the local precinct is not just ignoring calls.

  3. As a teacher I’ve been off for July and August. I get to walk my dog 4x per day (usually 8am, noon, 4pm, and 9pm – ish) from Ditmas to Albermarle from CIA to Marlborough Rd and all the streets in between; we are out anywhere from 30-90 minutes per walk and never once have I seen a police car on my walks except parked at CT Muffin getting coffee. It is very clear to me that our neighborhood is being overlooked. I see cars making U turns all day long, I’ve almost been hit 3x by bikes riding in the wrong direction (and I see this countless times each day); Talk about “Vision Zero”!

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