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Small Victory Won In War Against Bensonhurst’s Ceaselessly Double Parked USPS Trucks

“Here is @USPS @USPSHelp ruining our community,” St. Finbar tweeted with this image back in October

After months of trouble, Saint Finbar Catholic Church has finally solved its problem with United States Postal Service trucks parking on sidewalks and double parking in front of their facilities, blocking community services including — in the most offensive moment — a funeral service.

“The larger issue is that the post office has increased it’s parcel services in Brooklyn, requiring more big box trucks,” Saint Finbar’s Father Michael Gelfant told us, going on to explain that, “the local post offices cannot handle the storage of these big trucks, so they end up storing these trucks all over the place.”

After much back and forth with USPS, and help from the 62nd Precinct, Saint Finbar was able to come to the resolution that, instead of allowing trucks to be double parked and parked on the sidewalk all over the neighborhood, they would only park by the post office, thus keeping the issue isolated.

Still, while better isolated for the time being, the trucks are still taking valuable parking spaces from the community, especially in and around local post offices.

And while Father Gelfant said the problem is under control now, it certainly shouldn’t have reached the extremes it did.

“At a 21-year-old’s funeral, we had to walk the body around the truck,” Father Gelfant lamented, further noting that USPS trucks frequently blocked fire hydrants as well.

“Ultimately the post office and the City of New York need to come to an agreement about space and move the entire parcel facility to one location,” Father Gelfant said, noting that he blames the issue largely on systemic failure.

“I feel bad for the people who live there [near the post offices],” Father Gelfant said, “Why is this allowed? The people on 19th Avenue are up in arms.”

Neither USPS nor the 62nd Precinct were immediately available for comment.

Do you live in Bensonhurst and are having trouble with double parking USPS trucks? Let us know in the comments, we want to hear your story.

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  1. I mean, there is only so much available space. Decide on what you wish to prioritize in the use of that space. The problem doesn’t lie with the USPS but with your community buying more and more stuff online to be delivered to their doors. Supply and demand. If you want less trucks then chill out with the rampant consumption of goods.

    Because the USPS has a job to do and they are going to do whatever it takes to get that job done. You’re starting into the holiday delivery madhouse so either give the post office and FedEx, UPS, etc the ability to make do with less vehicles or get used to leading the funeral procession around them.

  2. If the USPS trucks are parked illegally why aren’t they being towed? They aren’t afforded any special rights just because they delver mail.

  3. You’d be surprised. Some years ago, someone parked a City owned (Dept of Gen Services plates) in front of my driveway for a full weekend. I went door-to-door trying to find out which of my neighbors had left it there. By the end of the weekend, I called the precinct. The thing had no special parking permit, but the precinct was very reluctant to ticket it, or allow me to have it towed. It took a lot of negotiating up the chain of command to finally get a Lieutenant to approve the ticket and tow. The precinct isn’t particularly responsive to the community when it comes to government or quasi-governmental vehicles. Heck, the officers at the 62 block the bus stops along Bath Avenue with their personal vehicles all the time.

  4. lol the postal trucks don’t have a registration or license plate and they are pretty much above the law… they also have the right away over emergency vehicles.

  5. Did you seem to forget this is a Government agency? They are allowed to do what ever they please. Postal Service is written into the constitution. It’s unconstitutional to impede a postal carrier.

    Q. Who has to yield right of way at an intersection, a fire truck with lights and siren, an ambulance with lights and siren, a police vehicle with lights and siren, the Presidential motorcade, or a post office truck?

    A. Everyone has to yield right-of-way to the postal truck.

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