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Silver Star Owner Blasts Nostrand SBS Service, Non-Existent Outreach

Source: Ariela B./Yelp

Our man Randy Rojas hit Nostrand Avenue to bring you yesterday’s story about local businesses outraged that the government failed to do any outreach in the two years of planning for Select Bus Service on the commercial strip. Now another of Nostrand Avenue’s largest and oldest businesses speaks out, blasting the non-existent outreach and warning that some of the changes could hurt business.

Silver Star Meat Market at 3838 Nostrand Avenue has served grocery and deli items for decades, and, following the fall of Pathmark is the closest market for many residents. The owner, Pat Basile, called up after our previous article to express his concerns about SBS implementation slated to begin next spring.

“It’ll definitely affect the businesses,” Basile said of the DOT’s plans to implement SBS service – which includes a dedicated bus lane during rush hours – on Nostrand Avenue. “They’re taking a car lane!”

Like other business owners, Basile said he was never contact by the city’s DOT or the state MTA, the two partners in the plan, about how it could affect his business and what accommodations would be made for concerned mom-and-pop owners. The DOT told Sheepshead Bites that they focused their outreach to businesses along the Northern Brooklyn section of the corridor, but defended their decision by saying the public hearings they held locally were sufficient outreach. But many local businesses along Nostrand were never informed of the local hearings.

Basile finds the burden put on store owners contradictory to the city’s agenda of shoring up business during the recession.

“They don’t let us know about these things, they just tax us up our you know what,” Basile said. “The mayor’s main concern is the business and all he does is make it harder for us.”

Worst of all, Basile is unsure that all the hubbub over SBS service on Nostrand Avenue is even worth it.

“This mayor wants us to get rid of cars and use public transportation, but it’s unreliable,” he said. “We’re supposed to make room for a bus that will only pass every 15 to 20 minutes?”

— Additional reporting by Randy Rojas

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  1. The blame should fall on the community board. I have nothing good to say about the mta or dot i think they are morons but they are right on this one. The community board should have notified local businesses to come to meeting and let their feeling be known there. Otherwise this is a stupid idea. Whos going to need express bus service south of Ave. U or X. There is absolutely no reason to run express south of those streets. I haven’t been on a bus in at least 10 years and know that this is dumb.

  2. Sorry but the MTA does deserve blame also.  I checked before the Community Board Meeting, and there was no mention on the MTA website about it.  It is far easier for them to publicize this than it is for the Community Board.

    Also, the MTA in spite of what they may say about outreach, would rather keep this a secret than let people know about it to limit potential opposition. At the Open House I attended a few months ago, someone from another Board asked the MTA to make a presentation to their Board.  They responded that they would come but recommended meeting with only the transportation committee rather than the full board to limit their exposure. 

  3. Go for Broker! You’re absolutely right. Where the heck was the community board, which is supposed to keep residents informed when government agencies make decisions about the area it covers?
    Way to go CB22, we won’t forget this!

  4. What’s the CB (and it’s 15 not 22) supposed to do ? Send letters out to every business on Nostrand Avenue? They have limited budget and manpower. It’s much easier for the MTA to contact them or at least post on their website in a conspicuous place not where you have to hunt for it when they are making public presentations.

  5. Really? Where has this guy been living under a rock? Turn on the tv open a news paper, go on sheepshedbites how the fuck did u not know?

  6. Where has information about SBS on Nostrand been on TV or in a newspaper? Yes, he should be reading Sheepshead Bites – as everyone should 😉

    However, it’s not like we were ever given any bulletins or info to be put out by the MTA/DOT. We never received a notice for public hearing, a press release, or anything else. I only knew because Allan Rosen would give me a heads up, and Allan only knows because… well, I’d be damned surprised if there was a bus-related thing Allan DIDN’T know about.

  7. The CB does not approve or disapprove permits. They can only make suggestions to the BSA (the real rubber stamp), and those suggestions are ignored as often as they aren’t. And our current board can be quite critical of certain developments, though some might say not critical enough.

  8. Silver Star should thank their lucky stars. What time do they open? 
    Will the dedicated lane be open rush hours on both East and West sides of Nostrand?
    Extra $ because of Pathmark’s closure, is not going to last forever.
    CB15 should have done something. Pass around a flyer at one of their meetings would be the simplest. Word of mouth would get it to stores via their patrons. Ya’d think they would be concerned for the local businesses.
    The boards do seem to accomplish something, just dropped the ball on this one.
    I live in an area that is rarely mentioned at these meetings and neglected by the city.
    I gave up on attending after several meetings. I know my grievances with the city and deal with the departments direct. Works for me.

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