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Shooting At Ocean Avenue & Albemarle Road


A shooting Tuesday evening at Ocean Avenue and Albemarle Road sent one to Kings County Hospital, says the FDNY. Emergency workers responded to a call on July 22 at 7:57pm, and transported the victim, whose condition is unknown.

Reports say the victim was a man who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, which the FDNY was unable to confirm.

Our thoughts are with the victim and the victim’s loved ones.¬†We will update when more information becomes available.

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  1. What is the deal with that area around Albemarle and 18th or so.
    Are there a lot of drug sales? Gang activity?
    anybody know?

  2. There a “crews” of neighborhood criminals that work together from time to time, but are members of a gang. The perp and victim usually know each other. This one was very early in the evening.

  3. It’s also happened at Dorchester & Flatbush, Cortelyou & Flatbush, and Beverley & Flatbush. And maybe the target knows the “perp,” but the ones who get in the way (like the little boy who may have lost his eye) are unacquainted.

    I used to sneer at local friends who wouldn’t cross 19th Street (they didn’t even know there was a Sears/Old Navy/Staples/Bally’s over there!). But now I’m one of them, unfortunately. Who wants to get shot for shopping? (Sorry Flatbush business owners!)

  4. That magic line that MaggE speaks of is far from imaginary. THere’s a different precinct. I was once involved calling 911 in regard to a man beating his child with a belt on the street. The cops came, and incited race-baiting amongst the on-lookers, mocked me for calling and took both the perpetrator to the hospital (he was drunk) and would not press charges — even though the man took a swing at me and I had the bruise on my arm to show where he had grabbed me. NYPD does this, in my experience: segregate out ‘safe’ zones and let all hell break loose across the street.

  5. I think the reopening of Kings Loews Theatre will increase the police presence over there. Hopefully will change things in that particular area.

  6. I live on Ocean between Beverley & Albemarle and frequently walk down Regent to Flatbush. They obviously got this cleared pretty quickly because I didn’t notice anything when I got home.

    Albemarle & 18th aren’t too eventful.

    19th just has older folks selling snacks and hanging out.

    East side of Ocean, closer to Albemarle, there are always younger people out in the evening looking like they are up to no good.

    Regent, from 21st to Flatbush, is the worst street ever with the worst people. I’m sure the landlords are praying for them to get the hell out so they can renovate and get new tenants but they’re not going anywhere because the rent’s so low. These people are not contributing citizens. They’re hustling, drug dealing, welfare, blemishes to the area. That whole section needs to be bulldozed. I always see at least one police and there’s video surveillance.

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