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Shomrim Monitoring Holocaust Park After Anti-Semitic Vandalism, Calls For Camera Surveillance Increase

A footprint left at the site of the vandalism last week, believed to belong to the culprit.

Our report last week on the anti-Semitic graffiti at the Holocaust Memorial was met with swift responses from elected officials, and so far one measure has been taken to ensure the safety of the park, with possibly more to follow.

The Flatbush Shomrim safety patrol van has been parked outside the memorial, monitoring the site with live cameras since last Thursday, and unmarked patrol cars have been asked to keep an eye on the area. The Shomrim patrol van is needed for different incidents around the city and will not remain at the site, but permanent cameras in and around the memorial and in Manhattan Beach is a possibility.

According to Chaim Deutsch, Chief of Operations for Councilman Michael Nelson and founder of the Flatbush Shomrim, Nelson has asked the state for funding to install two cameras in Manhattan Beach, one by the Holocaust Memorial and another by the neighborhood’s other entrance.

“There are only two ways to get out of Manhattan Beach, and one of them is by the Memorial,” said Deutsch. “If a child goes missing, we would be able to look at the cameras and see if they exited the area. Some people are opposed to the cameras because they don’t want to be recorded, but the idea has been gaining support in the community.”

“After an incident the first thing you want to do is show visibility,” he added. “That is why we have the van there, to send a message that it is being monitored. For the future, we would like cameras installed to be a deterrent for future incidents.”

Deutsch said the initiative is still in the works. Aside from the two cameras monitoring Manhattan Beach’s entrances and exits – a plan devised shortly after the Leiby Kletzky incident by Deutsch, Nelson and the Manhattan Beach’s civic groups – local pols and candidates have suggested putting remotely monitored surveillance cameras within the park itself.

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  1. Yes, Camera’s are a good idea, they should be placed on all 3 exits from the area. So long as they are not viewed by a live person unless a warrant has been issued because of a crime in the area then I’m 100% ok with it.

  2. Wait, who will come to the defense of the local Muslim community, and assist them in establishing a house of prayer. Oh…I remember, they aren’t humans, only the Jewish community can be recognized as the supreme overlords of Brooklyn.

    Does the Muslim community have a Shomrim? How about a Hatzolah? Or perhaps EMS plates which they can post while illegally parked, so they can go shopping?

  3. Fuck that shit, I don’t want fucking surveillance cameras just because of a few uptight jews. If I wanted 1984 I’d move to London.

  4. There are four exits from Manhattan Beach, five if you swim to Rockaway or six if you are airlifted out.

  5. You realize that Shomrim, Hatzolah, etc. are Jewish run organizations, right? You are essentially criticizing Muslims for not supporting their own communities as well as Jews do and are too stupid and too much of an Anti-Semite to realize it.

  6. It’s amazing, our sense of priorities in society today. It’s a bit insane. When someone is murdered somewhere, you hear no outrage, no demand for surveillance cameras.   Yep.modern society deems that some dumb kid writing a single anti-semitic phrase in a park trumps murder, rape, assault in our society.

       Let’s just assign the entire 61 precinct to this earthshaking event to make sure it never happens, and to catch the kid that has absolutely devastated our politicians to the point where they’re falling all over each other to be first in line to declare “outrage”..

  7. And the Nostrand projects STILL does not have any camera security despite all the shootings it’s had.  Funny how they promised security cameras ages ago yet they’ve never put any in the projects.

  8. It does seem like that. The Muslims have to learn how to get religious grants and tax write offs. City, State and Federal monies there for the taking.
    I totally agree there is abuse of the EMT plates. Aside from them having to log X-amount of responses “some” are driving recklessly. I have seen 5 vehicles respond to one address. 

  9. As an athiest I don’t care what religious people think, but all you anti semites who worship a dead Jew, go choke on a chick-a fil bone.

  10. The way things are going we will have cameras and religious military police with AK47s patrolling Southern Brooklyn. Promising to beat down a person if found to have no good excuse for being on the streets at night.

  11. But this example was privately funded (tax write-off) and they wanted to monitor the cameras. Self police. 
    The projects is a diff story.

  12. If you want cameras there, just spraypaint a racial epithet on the sidewalk, Shootings won’t do it, but the epithet will bring the politicians out like termites fleeing a piece of wood.

  13. Only the Hasidim matter – they get everything they want, and don’t pay for any of it.  Security Cameras in the projects?  Don’t see it happening in this lifetime.

  14.  Go ask NYCHA Chairman for tons of money allocated for security cameras in projects all over the city. NYCHA board screwed it big time!

  15. The cameras were state funded which means public monies. The squeaky wheel get the oil. The people or public advocates representing the families in the projects should get after their elected officials to secure the funding necessary for the cameras.

  16. so the ‘command center’ van that has been parked on the manhattan beach side of the park is a private operation?  I thought I saw a police emblem on the side of that van???

  17. why do people assume the idiots who spray painted the PUBLIC PROPERTY in Holocaust park LEFT manhattan beach… or went into manhattan beach?  and there are more than 3 exits…. 

  18. what a waste of tax dollars… jewish people are always complaining… had this or any other act happened to any other religious group or just a community nothing would be done…  they criticize Putin for jailing pussyriot hooligans for disrespecting and doing what they’ve done in a church. have that happened in a jewish church here, there would be SWAT teams within 10 mile radius on every block…

  19. Five vehicles responding to an emergency, what a catastrophe huh?  Probably a better alternative would be if no one showed up? 

    Muslims and every other group are welcome to to have their own EMS service, in fact it would show they actually care about their people instead of blaming everyone else for their problems. As far as government money, they are available to everyone, filling our the forms does take some reading and writing skills.  And if you believe government money is not allocated to minorities just take a stroll through any housing project and check out who the residents are.  

  20. Well no my good sir, seeing that I am approaching the completion of my medical residency the statement regarding my low intelligence appears to be your fabrication. Perhaps the Muslim community doesn’t establish their own bigoted private quasi wannabe-a-cop organizations is because they have a strand of decency; or in light of the observation that their religion is deemed highly unpopular because they are illustrated as dangerous extremists, and would encounter the hostile vitriol of the same persons who protested their mosque.
    Also keep in mind that these “organizations” receive tax money.

  21. There is a such thing as overkill and abuse of a license. You don’t have to agree with me…I expect you to not agree.
    Muslims are not blaming anyone else for whatever problems you refer. As a matter of fact I see them as taking care of their “problems” with legal advisors. 
    What does any minority have to do with this? Where are you coming from and where are you going?

  22. Studying for long amounts of time in a school does not make you smart. And calling my opinionated statement a “fabrication” shows that maybe you should of studied English and proper grammatical syntax and usage a little bit more while you were getting your big fancy medical degree. It’s also interesting that you did not disclaim my accusations of antisemitism… Some Muslim communities DO establish their own organizations (mostly not in Muslim countries, though) but for the most part they do not support their own communities. And their religion is not deemed highly unpopular, there are over 2.1 BILLION of them. There are only 15 million Jews worldwide and still racist bigots like you still find asinine reasons to jealously hate us. You’re a racist, just be a man and own up to it otherwise you’re even worse than a racist, you’re a racist hypocrite or even more scary, you are completely disillusioned about your own racism and therefore the most dangerous type of bigot. 

  23. Holocaust monuments, parks, etc., belong in Europe (Germany/Poland) and in Israel. If not, I say for every Holocaust monument there is, we build a matching monument for the 40-70 Million who died under Mao Ze-Dong, the 8 Million+ non-jews who also died under Hitler, the 6 Million Pinkos who died under Hitler’s partner-in-crime, Stalin. The list goes on with Pol Pot, Hideki Tojo, Ismail Enver and Kim Il Sung


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