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Shocking Murder On Batchelder Street

Nostrand Houses (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Lawrence Wright, a 55-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident, was arrested yesterday for the stabbing death of 51-year-old Denise Pannell, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Pannell, who lived at 2238 Batchelder Street, was apparently a former girlfriend of Wright’s, who lived in the same public housing complex, the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses, on 2985 Avenue X.

According to CBS-NY, Pannell’s lifeless body was discovered on Saturday at 9:20 a.m. after her neighbors complained of a foul smell emanating from her apartment.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on violence at this public housing project. Avery Kelly was murdered in front of his apartment door at 2258 Batchelder Street in 2011 and homeless man, Jimmy Albright, was also murdered last year in an elevator at 2953 Avenue W between Nostrand Avenue and Batchelder Street.

As of this publishing, security cameras have still not been installed at the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses.

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  1. They are doing everything in their power to ban guns so things like this dont happen. Wait he used a knife. Now what?

  2. Please nothing. There is no proof, data or stats that support a claim saying that an AWB would reduce anything.

    Look at how many people were killed with rifles and how many people were killed with blunt objects and knives. If you look at this and say rifles are some type of magic killing machine then you are a moron. And dont come back and say see how many people die from guns because thats not what its about only rifles are in the AWB.

  3. Then refer to that thread without the please.
    But, ultimately, we agree again – AWB by itself is not a solution. Repeal of the Second Amendment, on the other hand…

  4. Why dont we just rip up the whole Constitution and use it for spit balls. See what happens when you have the facts people start to say the dumbest shit ever and you are a perfect example of that.

  5. Internet commenters agree: I’m perfect and an example!!!

    But I only made a logical extension to what you were saying: if even tough regulations won’t work, the next step is a repeal.
    So maybe we can settle on tough regulations?

  6. Stop it already there will never be bad guns only bad people. We will never get rid of 300 million guns (that we know about) so making more dumb laws against law abiding citizens is not the answer. I am not going to have this debate with you again. No matter what facts or stats i give you its still not good enough for your personal beliefs. You are and ANALyst and still cant put it together. What you need to do is some technical ANALysis and take out the emotions from your judgement. Not one law the antis are proposing come from stats just feelings and agendas. Im going to have a cigarette and drink a 20oz soda peace.

  7. OK, forget AWB. I know a better way: re-arming the Black Panther Party:

    During that time, the NRA and conservative politicians such as California Governor Ronald Reagan supported gun control as a means of restoring social order, and getting weapons out of the hands of radical, left-leaning and revolutionary groups, particularly the Black Panther Party.
    Beginning in 1966, the Panthers carried out police patrols, in which they rushed to the scene of an arrest with their loaded weapons publicly displayed, and notified those being arrested of their constitutional rights. California state legislator Don Mulford introduced a bill to repeal the state law allowing citizens to carry loaded guns in public if they were openly displayed. Mulford had the Panthers in mind with this legislation.
    On May 2, 1967, a group of Black Panthers protested the bill by walking into the California State Capitol Building fully armed. In response, the legislature passed the Mulford Act. And Gov. Reagan, who was a major proponent of disarming the Panthers, signed the bill into law, effectively neutralizing the Panther Police Patrols.

    Better stock up on cigarettes and soda – you’ll need them when trying to out-shoot Malcolm X Memorial Revolutionary Brigade…

  8. I know all about it and pointing this out you are making my point. Were the black panthers walking around shooting and robbing people or were they trying to protect themselves from racist cops (govt.)?

  9. This is a compromise I’m willing to make – we agree again!
    But, If history is any indication, it will be very temporary one.

  10. I thought re-arming BPP is a good idea and your reply indicated the same: “I know all about it and pointing this out you are making my point.” This means that we agree on re-arming BPP being a good idea. So, we do agree!

  11. I never said that but if every Black panther that is a law abiding citizen non felon i see no reason that person should be denied their constitutional right. You try to be witty but its not working.

  12. OK, I’ll re-phrase.

    This means that we agree on re-arming law abiding citizen non felon BPP members being a good idea. So, we do agree!

  13. How about they hire more cops and just pay them to stand around in plain clothing. (perhaps even walk around) when shit like this happen atleast someone somewhere could be helped…… Or is our mayor saving all that money for himself?

  14. here’s a crazy unrelated example. I went to Webster Hall on the weekend, on a Saturday to be exact. I was offered Molly from 7 different people. All of them were undercover cops. First off, i don’t have I Want to buy drugs written anywhere on my shirt. No it did not. Also when i told them it was entrapment they left me alone. Sooo it’s ok to try to get people to buy drugs in clubs and then arrest them but to save a persons life while dressed in the same plain clothing just walking around isn’t?

    by the way, Molly is pure Mdma. which is the main ingredient in Ecstasy for those that have no idea.

  15. Ya know Local good for you, you have a gun and fire it often. If someone wants you….all they have to do is wait by your building for you to exit or do you walk with you gun drawn. What’s your point Local? Knives are illegal too.

    What I meant by what officials are doing was referring to the much needed cameras. What say you tot that?

  16. Wait and see. There are going to be lawsuits from every direction. What they are doing is unconstitutional and its going to bite them. They are going to look like fools when this is all over. The most interesting part of it all is that all the laws they pass or want to pass are not going to prevent any bad guys from anything. All they are doing is making thousands of law abiding tax paying citizens into criminals without them even getting out of bed this morning.

  17. He killed her in the apartment so you want cameras inside? Its the same point every time if someone wants to do harm it doesn’t matter if its a gun, knife, bat, fist, broken bottle or drowns her.

  18. They can’t even get them outside. In the elevators and lobby would be nice. Why are you so stuck-up about it? You don’t get any business from the property?
    And I can say the same about you and your point.
    Refer back to the paragraph where I say “if someone wants you”….they do not need a weapon at all. Knife,gun or chopsticks can all do the same.
    So chest it like a man because I think this is going to go over.
    So sorry.

  19. Cameras in the projects is fine i dont care. Well if someone does want to get me i would like the means to defend myself. Or i could just ask them to wait a few minutes while i call the police and they arrive. Criminals do not obey the law no matter what. It doesnt matter how many laws are passed now or in the future. There has been crime and violence since the beginning. I will say it again a firearm is a tool no different than a car or a shovel. In a bad persons hands they are all dangerous. Murder and rape are illegal so why does it happen? What other laws would prevent those things from happening?

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