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Shish Kebab Joint To Open On Sheepshead Bay Road


Europa Bistro, the shuttered establishment at 1652 Sheepshead Bay Road that uniquely boasted Italian-Romanian “home smoked delicacy” (pizza, plus pastrami), is making way for Chayhana Salom (or is it Chadhana?), which, we’re told, is going to be a shish kebab restaurant.

We wish our new neighbors the best of luck but, I’m curious, when will someone — anyone — think to maybe open a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine in this neighborhood?

At least it’s not another You-Know-What Place.

Tip courtesy of our friends at Arbuz (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road).

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  1. I’d like to see some real expansion in the types of foods served in the bay.  In no particular order, I’d like to see, 

    Indian, Mexican, 50’s lunch counter – burgers, fries, hot dogs, malteds – and not much else, breakfast joint,  a sitdown soup/salad/ sandwich place and/or a true barbecue pit. 

  2. I’m no aficionado, but I think Top Burgr’s (I’m sure I’m spelling that incorrectly) pretty good — or as close as we’re likely to get — for burgers, fries, hot dogs, malteds, etc.

    It just ain’t right that there’s no Indian jernt around here. I’d eat chicken tikka masala and saag paneer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. No Indian, please!  That stuff stinks.  Bay Ridge is close and it has an Indian place.  Keep the dirty pamper stench there.

  4. I think it will be the best Eastren restorant in the bay.
    Beacouse, I heard that one of the best chefs going to work in this Restourant chayhana.

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