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Sheepshead Libraries To Lose Saturday Hours


Brooklyn Public Library officials and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have struck a deal to maintain a minimum of five day service at all branches, narrowly escaping devastating cuts that would have shuttered branches and eliminated hours across the board.

[ABOVE: Watch BPL Representative Mel Henkle tell Community Board 15 about the new hours, and thank the community for its advocacy.]

In our neck of the woods, the compromise means that some of our libraries will lose Saturday service beginning July 10, including the Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend and Homecrest branches. Saturday service will be provided at the Kings Bay, Kings Highway and Brighton Beach branches, and the Kings Highway branch will also have summer Sunday hours.

Here are the new hours, to take effect July 10:

  • Sheepshead Bay (2636 East 14th Street)
    M10-6 T1-6 W1-8 Th1-8 F10-6
  • Homecrest (2525 Coney Island Avenue)
    M1-8 T10-6 W1-6 Th1-8 F10-6
  • Gravesend (303 Avenue X)
    M10-6 T1-8 W1-6 Th1-8 F10-6
  • Kings Bay (3650 Nostrand Avenue)
    M10-6 T1-8 W1-6 Th1-6 F10-6
  • Kings Highway (2115 Ocean Avenue)
    M10-6 T10-8 W10-8 Th10-8 F10-6 Sa10-5 Su1-5
  • Gerritsen Beach (2808 Gerritsen Avenue)
    M10-6 T1-8 W1-6 Th1-6 F10-6
  • Brighton Beach (16 Brighton First Road)
    M10-6 T1-8 W1-6 Th1-8 F10-6 Sa10-5
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  1. That sucks! The Postal Service is also debating removing Saturday hours! I'd rather see both public libraries and post offices lose a Monday and stay open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, as most people usually work Monday to Fridays, so for you to check out a book or mail/receive packages you need to take time off from work.

  2. I agree completely. As a working mother, it is that much harder to take my kids to the library on Saturday, something we did regularly. The few brances that will be open on Saturday will be very crowded. Someone wasn't thinking of the working public when they made this brilliant decision!!!

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