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Sheepshead Doctor And Wife Indicted For Illegally Collecting Medicaid

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A Brighton Beach couple living in the ritzy Oceana condo development has been arrested for illegally collecting thousands of dollars in Medicaid benefits by claiming to be poor. The wife said on application forms that she was single, and the man who is really her husband, a doctor with a practice in Sheepshead Bay, was just a friend who could attest to her poverty.

The following is a press release from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office:

Brooklyn, December 1, 2011—Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York City Human Resource Commissioner Robert Doar today announced the indictment of a Brooklyn doctor and his wife on charges they falsified Medicaid applications so the wife could illegally qualify for Medicaid health coverage.

“New York taxpayers fund Medicaid to help low-income families get necessary medical treatments, not to provide health insurance to wealthy individuals who would rather not pay for their own coverage,” said District Attorney Hynes. “I would like to thank Commissioner Doar and HRA for their help in this investigation and in our ongoing effort to stem the abuse of important programs like Medicaid.”

“Let this be a warning: Lying in order to receive Medicaid is a theft of taxpayer dollars and those who engage in this behavior will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Commissioner Doar. “I want to thank District Attorney Hynes and his team for their continual commitment to work with our Agency to ensure the integrity of our public assistance programs.”

The case originated with information from the Office of Medicaid Inspector General who passed it on to HRA which began an investigation.

The indictment charges that in October 2008 Oksana Shulim, 44, claimed, on a Medicaid application, to have no income and that she was supported by Pavel Kulik, 44, whom she identified as a “friend”, not her husband. On accompanying paperwork, Kulik asserted that he was Shulim’s “friend” and that he paid for her housing and meals but did not provide her with health insurance, according to the indictment. The indictment charges that since 2008, Medicaid paid out more than $8,500 in claims, to treat Shulim.

The truth is that Kulik and Shulim have been married since 1998; have two children, ages five and 11; live in a penthouse apartment in a gated community in Brighton Beach; and have a joint savings account with a balance of more than $450,000, according to the indictment. Kulik is a doctor of internal medicine, with a practice in Sheepshead Bay. Since 2009, Medicaid has paid Kulik’s practice more than $1 million for treatments he provided to Medicaid recipients.

The defendants are charged with Welfare Fraud in the Third Degree, Welfare Fraud in the Fourth Degree, Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree and Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree. If convicted they face up to seven years in prison.

Additionally, if he is convicted, Kulik could be removed from the Medicaid program and could also lose his license to practice medicine.

The defendants were arraigned on November 30, 2011, before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Mondo, and released on their own recognizance. The next scheduled court date is December 20.

An indictment is an accusatory instrument and not proof of a defendant’s guilt.

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  1. why do the poor get so much, they r the biggest scammers getting free everything while someone like me who makes $65000 a year has to pay 1500$ a month for  healtcare for me  my wife and my ionfant baby, what a shame i work hard to pay for everything while the poor just sit pop out babies and collect thousands in govt aid

  2. It really sucks. Ppl like us get nothing , the rich who fraud the gov and the poor who sit on there ass get so much , the middle class HARD WORKING people like us have to suffer 

  3. i’m  with you on that boat, i make WAY less then that, and have $700 Quarterly to pay for me and my Wife. 


  4. i work in east new york and on a school day a mother comes into my store with 4 or 5 kids that looks old enough to be in school on a school day and not to mention she looks preggers and looks like she getting paid lovly from nyc to sit around and have more kids but all them in jordans and go to the store with their benefits cards and buy candy sodas and g-d knows  what else, go to hospitals for free clinics for free get everything for free but i work 6 days a week and cant even get a break on anything and if i do try to pull a fast one and collect 20$ a month i could face 10 years in jail because im not a junkie, i should just file for bankruptcy and collect everything from the govt

  5. Not sure if this is intentional, unconscious or just because of the geographical area that this blig covers, but reading this blog, you would think there is s maddive crime wave in the Russian community.

    How many people here are aware that statistically, Rudsians commit significantly less crime than their share of the population? This includes both white-collar and violent crime.

    The Russian crime rate is lower not by a marginal percentage, but massively.

    The only crime committed at any kind of a significant rate involves medical fraud, but even that is something in which less than 1% of the population participates.

    I am not sure why this blog posts every Russian who gets arrested, but never profiles members of other communities present in Sheepshead Bay who are regularly arrested for all types of other crimes, both violent and fraud involving construction, banking, etc.

    Maybe it is just harder to do this with some groups than others.

  6. oh nice my neighbor -____- this guy is an A** hole! I used to work at the pool, and he would come there everyday with his kids thinking he is the boss just because he is rich? Its really not even his money!!! Also he is never with that woman, ive lived here for 7 years and have never seen her, only him with 20-somethins’. Ive even seen him at night clubs hangin out with girls i know, im 19.

  7. You’re probably right that, statistically, Russian-speaking Americans commit significantly less crime, and that, in terms of fraud, it’s a tiny percentage of the community. But the demographics of the neighborhood mean that there’s going to be a higher rate of Russian-speaking Americans arrested for crimes than in other neighborhoods. Sheepshead Bites reports just about all the crimes we hear about from the DA, the precinct or elsewhere. We do not control who is arrested, and we have certainly done more than our fair share of reporting on non-Russian arrests as well – including the arrest we wrote about in the post immediately preceding this. 

    Maybe you should take your case to the District Attorney’s office and demand some good ol’ affirmative action in their medical fraud investigations. Good luck with that.

  8. They should just be ask them to pay Medicaid back , why should dr lose his license to practice ……
    I don’t think Medicaid does investigation in east ny where people have free housing, get $, food and etc and drive Mercedes s550. How can they afford expensive cars when they can’t even afford rent.

  9. i Agree with this. 

    Same thing happens in Starret City, Can walk down the street and see a bunch of Bimmers, and Merc

  10. What does this have to do with these two richer people exploiting the government for more cash?

  11. Didn’t I just comment somewhere on this site about a culture that manages to both make full use of our Capitalist set-up AND take advantage of the government social safety net? Hmm…sounds like these two didn’t take the seminar on how to pull it off…

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but I get more pissed off at the rich ripping off the system like these two, than someone in East NY living in a shelter or some broken down apartment. You mean to tell me that someone living in a penthouse apartment can’t afford health insurance??? I’ve been paying my own health insurance for the past 35 years and I don’t live in a penthouse.

  13. Man…Just grab whatever you can…what the hell….government
    rips us…we all should do the same…as long as nobody hurts each other….you
    know when damn census2010 came to me I told them I have 6 kids and single
    parent…..i can’t believe they actually came to my door…..because apparently I did
    not submit my form.

  14. I said it once twice and I will say it again. They are being caught one by one most likely there will be more. You can run all you want but you can’t hide. This is the fast lane living & it will bite you back.

  15. I am so picturing this… they should be ashamed of themselves! This is why our economy is so fucked up. all our tax money goes to these low lifes.. they are in PERFECT condition to go and look for a job and get an education .

  16. I’m seriously embarrassed to be a Russian! I work 12 hr days sometimes and then have to see 33% of my paycheck go to all the gov’t funding for ppl who are like this. Walking around Brighton, I can’t even afford a studio there – and ppl on Medicaid have penthouses and drive Bentleys – its sickening

  17. see but that would be niggers not russians who are popping out babies and collecting….they should arrest the people in the projects not russians

  18. thank you!! my point exactly… the HANDFUL of russian doctors compared to the TOTAL number of doctors in America do NOT contribute enough schemes to bankrupt medicaid…it’s the 5 million black and spanish people in the projects who keep poppinng out kids they can t afford and don’t want to afford and end up being future criminals who bankrupt medicaid…NOT the 10,000 or so russian doctors in america…

  19. If they make it their business im sure they can find plenty more…Try the doctors offices that never have any people coming in… Or the allstate office that never has any customers….

  20. Honest Jo Hynes is too busy persecuting the last three Italians living in Brooklyn to ever investigate all of his Russian Campaign Donors. The fact that “statistically speaking” Russians are CHARGED with comparatively little fraud is testament to this fact.

    Russians are responsible for BILLIONS in Fraud in NY City alone, but since they enjoy political protections from US Senators who they throw fundraisers for at the Waldorf Astoria and have had the Current Governor and his father in their pocket since the early 1990’s, they can show everyone HOW CRIME DOES PAY driving Bentleys.

    I find it hilarious how the Brooklyn DA makes front page news arresting Italian strip club owners for importing russian women. Yet, the slave traders in Brighton and Manhattan Beach never appear in the newspapers. One, was allowed to plead guilty to “involuntary servitude” and allowed to keep his million dollar home,  business and never spent a day in jail. All quietly swept under the rug.

    The Medicaid Fraud is unbelievable- Phony clinics spring up like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Even Doctors living in Million dollar homes are in disbelief at the amount of money these criminals have.  One doctor used to tell me that however they were getting their money it wasn’t from being a doctor.

    The Russian own the 61, they even bought buildings surrounding the  precinct so they could see who went in and out of the building. Any informers or “trouble makers” that were seen going in often would soon never be seen anywhere again.

    Robert Friedman wrote extensively and had a contract on his head for it. Keep living in your delusion. Ask any Eastern European who lived under Soviet Oppression as to the Russians propensity for crime.

    Those poor Italians, if they had only claimed to be persecuted jews and made lots of campaign donations. Little Italy wouldn’t be so little and you would still be able to get a piece of pizza made by an Italian in NY.

  21. shame on them, shame to doctor’s profession, shame to Russian immigrants, they need to be expelled from this country, back to where they came from.

  22. You should be very proud to be Russian. These two scum-sucking turds who live high on the hog on the backs of decent and honest hard workers are the ones who should be ashamed, as they are the ones who are discrediting their heritage.

  23. I’m really getting sick of reading this. They should lock these people away for a very long time. Their crimes are really taking down the economy of this city, state and country. I almost regard such crimes as treason when one takes a social program designed to help the needy, and steals from it. Maybe we’ve been waterboarding the wrong people….

      Then people wonder why I’m such an economic conservative. Out of every buck I’m taxed, probably not more than 20 cents goes to the right people. Maybe less.

  24. The commenters lamenting this prosecution/”persecution” of those accused would let you have it good for your remarks if they weren’t so distracted by all the black people.

  25. They stole little, going to prison.

    Kruger stole $millions$, still not in prison and still under New York payroll.

  26. They allegedly stole from millions of taxpayers (that hardly constitutes as “stole little”), and, just like Senator Kruger, were indicted and arraigned. Both Kruger and this couple are awaiting a court date. Like the press release from the DA’s office says, “An indictment is an accusatory instrument and not proof of a defendant’s guilt.” Just because the doctor and his wife were indicted and arraigned does not mean they will be found guilty by a jury of their “peers.”

  27. This doctor and his wife have no shame and should be punished severely. I feel sick learning about people like these two. These two should appreciate all opportunities US gave them. Instead they decided to take advantage of all of us in this ridiculously stupid, shameful and miserable way.
    I am Russian and I am sorry to have such low class people in our community.

  28. uhm…. the dr. up there is well off, in case u haven’t noticed. 
    The young mother, with kids in jordans, is still worse off than the dr living in an oceana condo, whose wife is collecting medicaid. 
    i know of a russian entertainer, who moved here for medical treatment after being attacked. He was living with his family in ocean apts, while collecting medicaid, and food stamps, as well as other govt help, while having millions in his bank acct. 
    i dont know bout u, but that pisses me off way more than the unemployed young mother with 5 kids. 

  29. Judging by your name, if we all follow your suggestion – you will be sent out too.  Be careful of what you wish for…

  30. That is disgusting…I know that many people do it that is partly why we are in such a hole economically. There are so many people who F*ck over the government and don’t care that they are F*cking over a whole bunch of people in their own community. There are so many people that go without health insurance and then you have disgusting people like this who have jobs and can afford health insurance and they F*ck the system. The government needs to crack down on these people! It doesn’t matter what race, ethnicity, religion or so on. There are a ton of Russian things on this blog because Sheepshead Bay is mostly Russian, it’s not being racist stating the facts that a Russian man named xyz went on a murdering spree or a Russian woman named uvw commited fraud. It is all different all over NY all over the world but when you are reading about Sheepshead Bay there is a good chance it is Russian open your eyes and look around. There is good and bad in every culture. Don’t turn it into a race thing look at the facts and talk about that not the tiny detail that the criminals race or ethnicity. 

  31. Strange .. how can you afford to pay 1500$/mon for healthcare ? after taxes you almost have nothing left, i assume you pay rent and bills too. This math doesnt make sence to me …
    Many people work hard and all pay taxes …. doctors do fraud all the time it doesnt matter they are russians or not … And blank people are all welfare abusers.  
    They are all disgusting …. like we been bron to support those idiots 

  32. Raya Spivak, your comments are very stupid !!!! I can donate money for ticket back since I my taxes anyway exceed 50K … 

  33. I will tell you why this happens, it is because of feminism. In Sheepshead Bay mostly women work. In all big cities, where women participate heavily in the workforce, crime follows them. They are leeches, they sucked the blood of the holocaust victims, then the cold war, and now the recession.

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