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Sheepshead Bites’ Willie Simpson Releases Music Video Featuring Sheepshead Bay


You might know Willie Simpson as a Sheepshead Bites contributor, but you probably didn’t know he’s also a songwriter.

And now he’s produced his first full-length music video for his song “Memory Lane,” and he didn’t even bother telling his closest friends and part-time employers about it. They had to read about it on Facebook.

Like, really, one of your best friends publishes a website all about Sheepshead Bay and frequently features music and video about Sheepshead Bay and you don’t bother telling him you made a video¬†chock full o’ Sheepshead Bay.

What can I say – Willie’s no ladder climber.

But he’s got good friends that help him out anyway. Check out the video above, and follow Willie’s musical musings at and on Facebook.

He told me his next single will be called the “The Oshi Anna Poos,” a bluesy folk piece about a news blogger kidnapped mid-squat on a public john and lynched as a warning to anyone who dares have a sense of humor. It’ll be his “Straight Outta Compton,” I’m sure.

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  1. You are about to witness the strength of residents in a beachfront luxury condominium

    Straight outta Oceana, angry motherfuckers hate bathrooms.
    Afraid of those stinky-ass doody fumes.
    Vlad and his crew, will make you number two.
    Your dead body won’t mess up his view.
    Hes drivin’ up on the beach, man, I better bail
    Doesn’t matter if his Benz just got detailed
    Hidin’ in the stall, I hope he don’t see me
    Gotta find a new place to pee pee
    Climb out the window and my butt begins to pucker
    Its Vlad and his boys, “Dasvidanya, motherfucker.”

  2. Hey, this is great stuff. It sounds 60ish, maybe early 70s, like half Beatles, half John Sebastian, this is right up my alley. I have to check out the web site. Why you been hiding this out on us Simpson

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