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Sheepshead Bay Area Apartment Rental Roundup

Don’t even think of complaining about the size of this bathroom. Consider yourself lucky that they’ve included a hand-towel holder.

Looking for a new place to call home? Sheepshead Bites has got you covered. Our rental roundup is a new feature showcasing some of the deals on the market now. If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com. And if you live in or near one the places below, let neighbors know what you think in the comments.

Note: Based on conversations with real estate agents and having written this column for a few months now, rent prices begin to increase after this month until they peak during the spring and summer. So if you’re looking to get a place, now is the time when prices are the lowest.

One Bedroom With No Fee in Sheepshead Bay
Price: $1,550
Location: East 17th Street
Description: Well, there’s no fee. The realtor doesn’t say exactly how big the bedroom is but notes that it “fits” a king-sized bed. The realtor also described the kitchen as “beautiful kitchen stock.” I guess she hasn’t made the transition from selling horses to apartments.
Contact: Yuliyah Lekh, City Solutions, (917) 482-0243

One Very Yellow Bedroom in Midwood
Price: $1,525
Location: Ocean Parkway
Description: Oh wow, look at those pictures. The rooms are all very yellow. But don’t let that fool you, that’s not the yellow sunlight; it’s the light-bulb. The apartment makes many claims – like a brand new kitchen – but the lack of pictures leaves you wondering. While we’re on the topic of wondering, I always wish they would include an actual picture of the super they say is on-site. Preferably, I’d like him to have a Stalin-like mustache and giving a double thumbs up.
Contact: Sophia Kapassakis, Ardor New York Real Estate, (646) 266-7598

Two Bedrooms in Brighton Beach
Price: $1,800
Location: Brighton 7th Street and Brightwater Court
Description: Not only does this apartment have a microwave but it also has a dishwasher so you could go all out for your housewarming party and dazzle your wide-eyed guests with the power of modern appliances. The bedrooms have been renovated and they both have two windows and that’s a real plus considering that a friend of mine has been struggling to find an apartment with sufficient, or any, sunlight. Good luck!
Contact: Open House Management, (718) 858-3585

Three Bedroom Duplex in Gravesend
Price: $2,500
Location: 707 Desmond Court
Description: There’s a one-month broker fee and the place is only available for one year. Heat and electric are not included. The realtor writes that there is a backyard, but there are no pictures to show its size. The house is also completely furnished so feel free to test that new backyard out by building a bonfire out of your new furniture.
Contact: Dmitriy, (917) 403-7747

If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

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  1. This new column you guys have created recently seems like a whole lot of free advertising for real estate brokers. Doesn’t seem really fair to the businesses that are paying a good amount of money to advertise on your site.

  2. Once upon a time, in 1994, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment with my parents in Park Slope that went for $950 / month. So, what the hell happened? Why are one bedrooms in Sheepshead Bay now $1,500? It seemed they were just $900-$1,100 only a few months ago.

  3. Perhaps it’s not for me to answer this (in fact it probably isn’t), but here is my observation as someone who is admittedly un-business savvy: There are tons of free stories on this site about an inordinate number of local businesses, many of which have not advertised, just as a gesture of community good will.

    Every time a new business opens, there is a photo and free story about who they are, what they do, what business they are replacing at that particular location, and a “Welcome to the neighborhood — we wish you the best of luck” greeting, which I always thought was a nice touch. It’s the American way — the business / professionalism equivalent of going over to a new neighbor’s house and welcoming them to the neighborhood with a freshly-baked apple pie. After a day or so, that blurb about the new business gets buried in the archives, never to be seen or heard from again. Seriously, will anyone remember Norodny International Food Store, or Deniz?

    Conversely, with advertising, the business is paying for the right to remain a constant, flickering, colorful presence on the main page. Every time you go onto Sheepshead Bites, there is CPR, there is Preston Schaffer, there is Nargis Cafe and there is the Kings Bay Y (and so on and so forth). You just know who’s there. You know who’s around. You know who means business, so to speak. It’s a two way street, the way I see it.

    While purely speculation, perhaps had Norodny or Deniz invested in advertising on Sheepshead Bites, they might have gained more exposure and, subsequently, more customers. But who is to say? All I know is, businesses support Sheepshead Bites because Sheepshead Bites supports businesses. It seems pretty win-win for all.

  4. I think displaced Sandy people are freeing up the 1BR market but the landlords haven’t corrected for the decrease in demand just yet. From my observations It’s been coming in waves, new posts at ~1500 and after 2 weeks they drop to 1250-1350 when they don’t get any interest.

  5. It’s not Erica’s place to answer, but she did a pretty damn good job anyway. Nailed it actually.

    Except I’d add one more thing: those businesses who advertise with us long-term? They see it as more than just boosting their business. They understand the importance of a local news platform and community building. We’re about improving an commercial ecosystem to benefit the neighborhood, and sometimes that means helping out those who don’t always help us out. And we’re grateful for the opportunity to do so.

  6. I have heard that too. I have a hard time believing rents will go down, though. I will say that, because of the sources we draw from, we tend to pull a slightly higher than average set of listings so there’s that, too.

    But also, Erica, 20 years happened.

  7. Well there’s not much more I could add besides what Erica and Ned already said. When I first started this column I was also worried that this would just become something of an ad for realtor’s. But if anything I feel like this column has bring awareness to the high prices in Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding areas. I feel this way because every week we post this column there are people who always comment on how expensive rent is. Just another thought, if this was free advertising wouldn’t we have a more serious tone?

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