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Sheepshead Bay Road Restaurant Closes For Good


One of the best Sheepshead Bay restaurants you’ve never been to has closed.

Chert Poberi Cafe, which occupied 1664 Sheepshead Bay Road for several years, is finished. The woman bringing down the gate, who did not own the business, said that it hadn’t gotten the popularity needed to keep it going.

I went to Chert Poberi once for lunch, and discovered one of the better meal deals in the neighborhood. For $8.00 you received three courses, plus a glass of compote. It was good food (I believe I had the schnitzel, with roasted, dill-slathered potatoes), and the only thing that stopped me from returning was the time investment involved in three courses. I regret that.

I also wanted to try the summer BBQ that they’ve been advertising, and I just checked their website, which advertises. “With guest speakers such as musicians, writers, artists and celebrities, Ch. P. Nights aims to expand the café’s appeal, by giving South Brooklyn what it needs: a place for recreation.”

I don’t think that was ever true – and if it was it was so poorly advertised that one can begin to understand why they closed.

If we had it all to do over again, we’d patronize Chert Poberi Cafe more often. Best of luck to the former owners.

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  1. I walked by that place many many times and never felt a welcoming vibe at all. Sorry to hear about any business going under.

  2. Agreed. That’s one of the reasons why it took me so many years to go in there. There are a number of places – many of them Russian (but not all) – that have designed their storefronts in a very unwelcoming manner. I should start doing consulting for the local small businesses on public perception, because so few ‘get it.’

  3. We went there in July for a family birthday event. The food was good and so was the service. But I agree that it didn’t get the publicity it deserved. Plus, Russians who go to such restaurants come in droves for big events, and the parking/driving situation on Sheepshead Bay road is horrible.

  4. It’s sad the Owner was a very nice guy, and the food was great, the signs were done cheaply you can tell….. they only advertised once or twice on the radio…. and i think but not sure but they also had a commercial on russian channel..

    Wonder how much rent was for that place, cause things like that can also drive you out.

  5. I would also add the name of the place is not catchy. I found myself scrolling up 3 times to look at that name.

  6. At least they have the name of the place in English as well as Russian. A fair way to learn the language for sure. The prices did seem reasonable but like what BrooklynQ said it never seemed welcoming to non-Russian speakers.

  7. We celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday at that place. We closed down whole cafe for really cheap (comparing to other Russian cafes). We, and especially kids had such a blast, and the food was great! I feel bad that they closed down, that’s probably because of Glechik that opened up accross the street. Glechik is more known but more expensive than Chert Poberi…I guess the strongest survives longer

  8. We went many times to Chert poberi for breakfast with cartoons. Food was great and inexpensive. Its too bad that they closed, however, when I called the number on their website, the message is saying that they are closed for renovation. I truly hope it’s the case.

  9. Sadly, these types of restaurants do not exude a welcoming feeling whatsoever. The windows are usually covered – if they removed the window treatments and allowed the public to see in, more people might want to patronize. Sorry to hear it closed.

  10. No one have mentioned here that the name of this place translates to English as “Damn it” or “Go to hell” 🙂

  11. Sad to see it go, the food was great and the owner is very nice. I celebrated my milestone birthday there this year and had a great time. I think Glechik was a major contributer to the closing of Chert Poberi

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