Southern Brooklyn

Sheepshead Bay Road Pawn Shop Gives Way To Skin Care Center



You will almost never read on this site that I’m glad a business has left the neighborhood. But when I walked past 1727 Sheepshead Bay Road the other day and realized that the “Pawn Shop” – really, a cash-for-gold operation – had given way to a new business, well, I was glad that business had left the neighborhood.

Maybe it’s a misconception, but I tend to think cash-for-gold shops popping up are a sign of the neighborhood going down the tubes. Pawn shops, gun shops and rub-and-tugs – all bad signs. No comment about the business above this storefront…

Anyway, back to the new business. Mon Plaisir Skin Care has taken over the spot. According to a Yelp listing, it’s a relocation; the business used to be in Manhattan’s Kips Bay. According to their Facebook page, the new Sheepshead Bay location has been open since March 1.

The pawn shop opened in early 2012 and survived Superstorm Sandy. If you still have a dire need to get cash for some gold, there are still plenty of other options.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mon Plaisir.