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Sheepshead Bay Mosque Receives Permits To Build


It appears the long battle over the Voorhies Avenue Islamic Cultural Center is nearing an end, as the Department of Buildings has issued permits to begin construction immediately.

The permits were the final bureaucratic hurdle to breaking ground, and came after three in-depth DOB reviews of the property owners’ plans.

Machinery for excavating and constructing the foundation, among other equipment, will be delivered today and work will begin this week, organizers told Sheepshead Bites.

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  1. Not good. It seems like Catholic schools and churches are closing daily while mosques are sprouting up all over the city.

  2. Lisanne! Please refrain from giving reasonable explanations to people. You might offend some sheepshead fear mongers.

  3. That is because .. it’s ok to be Catholic and care less about your religion.. do not attend church.. do not spread the values of Christianity, do not follow Christian way of life and .. you get to get away with all this stuff!! While if you are a Muslim.. you pray 3 times a day, go to mosque as much as possible, follow your religions way of life and dream of pilgrimage to Mecca ones in your life..

    Look at teenagers and youth these days… absolutely no regard, respect for any religion much less for their own. If we were in middle ages.. they would probably be burned at the stake !!

  4. The churches aren’t doing as good a job of interesting their parents. When the parents stop attending the kids do too. I know parents that made their kids go to church while they stayed home. By the time they were teenagers they caught on to the double standard and stopped going.

  5. Religion?? whats that?

    come to think of it, it’s a scary thought being religious and having to worry about your hands turning hairy for masturbation. How do people live with themselves?

  6. I’ll be surprised if anything gets delivered today and work starts this week. Ned’s source is lying to him for months, and Ned keeps sharing this info.
    If you don’t investigate, you are being used by people. They used you many times before to feed wrong information to the neighborhood. The strategy is to say that nothing can be done, its too late, no need to oppose this project. Not true, not true, not true. The project is subject to Public Challenge and any resident can go on the DOB web site and oppose this project. Do you like being a tool, Ned?

  7. Conspiracy? Not! Go on the DOB web site and see if the Public Challenge option is there. And it will be there ’til 12/9. Ned is being used or he does it on purpose (reports unconfirmed info).

  8. The challenge might be there, but the permits have, indeed, been issued:


    All have been issued 11/12/2010 and have a proposed job start of 11/12/2010.
    So it looks like Ned’s information is correct.

  9. You THINK you know better. What’s your DOB? I think it’s 01/30/09. Grow up. I suspect that if you had a construction project in the works you’d be singing a different tune. So here’s the challenge for everyone else here. Find a new condo project up for approval in this neighborhood and go to the Department Of Buildings site and oppose it. Find a few. That should have been done years ago. Down with these condos for the rich that drive rents and prices sky high in this neighborhood making it only affordable for their ilk!!

  10. Oh, no!

    Vampires i can deal with, but I draw the line at the Pigeons.

    Proposed construction is detrimental to the stability and character of our residential development.
    ‘Residents’ reasonable concerns about “The Pigeons For Free Parkland” organization and the funding of the construction threaten the health, safety and welfare of the Sheepshead Bay community.

    It would be funny if it wouldn’t be so sad.

  11. I, as a Jew, am shocked at the hatred expressed my many of my Sheepshead Bay neighbors. Why are they equating Islamic terrorists with their neighbors who came here to escape those problems in their countries. These people live in Sheepshead Bay and own and work in many businesses that we all patronize.
    About fifty years ago, when my mom was growing up in Brooklyn she remembers a similar response when a group wanted to build a synagogue in their neighborhood.
    Jews should be the last people to be bigots

  12. I have to be honest and say I don’t remember ever seeing the same level of malicious reaction in any other circumstance. At least not in Sheepshead Bay.

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