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Sheepshead Bay H.S., Dewey H.S. To Stay Open


The city has taken the option to close Sheepshead Bay High School and John Dewey High School off the table, opening the doors to hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds to turn the schools around, according to Courier-Life.

But the decision to keep the schools open – and charter free – comes with a cost. Major faculty changes are on the way that may include wiping out and replacing more than 50 percent of the staff.

Sheepshead Bay H.S. (3000 Avenue X) and Dewey H.S. (50 Avenue X) were both included in the city’s list of schools in need of a turnaround as part of the federal Race to the Top grant program. Municipalities given the award receive up to $500,000 for every school it attempts to reform.

But reform must be done following one of four methods – turnaround, transformation, restart and closure. For Sheepshead Bay and Dewey, the city has nixed closure from its list for the two schools, along with restart – in which the school is handed over to a charter operator.

That leaves turnaround and transformation. The transformation model requires that the city replace the principal and use a “rigorous and equitable evaluation system” for teachers and other administrators to separate the good and the bad. With the more aggressive turnaround model, the school replaces at least 50 percent of its faculty and administrators.

There is no word yet from the city or the schools on which direction they’re going.

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  1. Fire the principal? I don’t know about the principal at Dewey, but the principal at Sheepshead Bay H.S. is excellent and should not her job as part of this turn around. It’s not her fault the students that get bussed in are of the worst kind and the school doesn’t receive any funding for books. What a sham. But everyone needs a scapegoat right?

  2. Is it as simple a program as “bad staffing”? Or is there is something in the approach used for teaching? One model fits all education just doesn’t work.

  3. LOL, throw money at the problem!
    put in all new staff that require lower salary!
    install new vending machines!
    make money off those little suckers!
    the intelligent, loving life on this planet is being smothered out by greed.
    i think we lost this one guys, lets find a new planet…
    (lets just not have the japanese try to land us on a new one! LOL!)

  4. I’m glad my alma mater (Dewey) is staying open. But something is badly wrong with NYC education. I mean, what’s the budget now, 20 BILLION BUCKS. Hey liberals, more money is NOT the solution, obviously. I blame it on the union, which doesn’t care 1 iota about the kids’ education, and the parents, who also don’t seem to know or care 1 iota. My mom never let me take a day off from school except extreme illness. Now, it seems every week, the parent uses some excuse, and of course the kid goes along. Not to mention that the parents instantly attack the poor teacher, rather than ever admitting the itty-bitty possibility that their kid did something really bad.
    All in all, the system stinks, and the parents stink, and everyone better wake up because education makes the future of this country, and judging from recent math and science results (what was U.S., in the bottom 25% or something), we have no hope.

  5. Best way to improve the academics of SBHS, my alma mater (Mr Friedman are you still alive?)would be to limit enrollment to students who are within reasonable walking distance of it!

  6. Hey nick why dont u contribute something to society and drop dead… P.s. im sure youre pathetic family will cater the even from Walmart…

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