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Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market On Avenue Z Expands

Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market at 1717 Avenue Z unveiled a new wing of the building approximately two weeks ago. The wing, located on the East 18th Street side of the building, expands their deli and bakery offerings, and even has a small counter for hot coffee, soups and other goodies.

Parts of the storefront are still under construction, and we’ve got a feeling some floor rearrangement is forthcoming, but it’s so far a welcome addition. After all, we’re a big fan of the boureks and other baked goods, so more space for these goodies is, well, goodie.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a return of the business’ hot tables, which were once housed in an annex a block away – Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, on East 16th Street and Avenue Z – but closed down in 2009.

The section of the building that they’ve expanded into used to be the HemOnCare medical center, which seems to have moved to Avenue S. Construction has been going on for a few months, employees told us.

Congrats to Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market.

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  1. If they had a butcher counter I would really have almost no reason to go to the hell that is Stop and Shop and waste precious hours of my time on their insanely long lines. The fruit and veggie market is cheaper and cleaner and I’m in and out quickly, love that place.

  2. Extremely rude service on night shift. The cashier cursed at me for two minutes when she didn’t like how I placed items on the counter.

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