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Sheepshead Bay Dialysis Center Without Power, Says City Is Ignoring Them And Putting Patients At Risk


Administrators at the New York Artificial Kidney Center at 2651 East 14th Street have reached out to Sheepshead Bites, saying that they’ve been without power since the hurricane and that their patients lives are at risk. Meanwhile, they say, the city has been ignoring their concerns.

Employee Lona Leybengrub writes:

Our Dialysis Center treats 190 patients that rely on us for life sustaining treatments. We were flooded as a result of most recent storm and a huge tree, belonging to the city of New York (from the city property) fell on part of the center.  It has to be removed, however cannot be touched by us, only the city.  We have started to rebuild and clean up the place, however would not be able to open our doors to treat the Patients until that tree is removed.  We contacted the city agencies w/no response.  Patients are really suffering!  We are temporarily dialyzing them in another location, however cannot accommodate all of them since the borrowed space right now is much smaller and the conditions there do not allow us to provide them w/all necessities of complete treatments.  Some of our Patients end up going to local hospitals, however get inadequate treatments or none at all.  Without these treatments, they cannot survive!  Could you please help us out in any way you can? 

Administrator Clara Tarantul adds:

I have called 311, 911, 511, con Ed, parks dept, and DOH for help and have only gotten the run around. Fire dept said its not on fire and not there problem park dept would take a complain they said the tree did not fall where it’s a danger to people. And every other agency has ignored our cries for help.


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  1. As a healthcare professional I am extremely worried for these people and I hope they get the help they need. I will reach out in the coming hours to the hospital I work for in order to see how the institution can help. May I say on a side-note that I’m kind of tired of seeing the phrase “forgot about us” or “being ignored” constantly being used by people and the media. That is not what is happening and it’s really obnoxious to see people that had been warned OVER and OVER again to either evacuate or load up on supplies cry out about starving while their power is out and being “forgotten about” – whose job is it to remember you? I understand the frustration but it’s really ridiculous.

  2. I believe that your comment is inappropriate for this situation. This Center is OUTPATIENT Dialysis. All patients are safe, and none of them were inside during the hurricane, and Center was prepared for disaster. The issue is that large tree from GOVERNMENT (MTA) property fell on us, knocked down Verizon column, and is partially hanging on power line and nobody is willing to deal with this. We contacted Con Ed, MTA, Verizon, Parks Dept., 311, 511, 911, DOH and none of the agencies were accepting our complain. They didn’t even want to put our issue on “waiting list”. In short we are willing and able to take care of our Center ourself. I believe it is better, and much cheaper for government to remove this tree and let us to take care of our patients than to relocate 180 dialysis patients. May I say on a side-note that trees on adjacent MTA territory were neglected for years, and if anyone wasn’t prepared it was government’s subsidiary, not us.
    P.S. shortly after this article we were contacted and promised that tree removal service will be at our site today (Sunday).

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